Fitter – Healthier – Happier

Starts: 1st November

Keep fit whilst respecting social distancing advice. Take on the virtual challenge with members of your #hpma3030 team.

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About the challenge

We recognise that workforce professionals in the NHS under great pressure at the moment. HPMA in partnership with Wellbeing4business Ltd would like to support workforce professionals to improve their Physical & mental wellbeing this November.

Take on the HPMA 30:30 physical activity challenge…

What is the challenge?

The challenge is all about moving more and sitting less. Participants are encouraged to fit in exercise each day.

The daily goal is to do 30 minutes or more of planned activity every day for 30 consecutive days.

How many people can enter?

Up to 10 workforce professionals per organisation

Is there a team event?

We will create a league table for both individuals and organisations.

  • Individual – most minutes achieved
  • Organisation – % of people achieving an average of 30 minutes per day for 30 days

Do you need to be fit to take part?

No level of fitness needed as the the intensity level is low to medium. If people are at all unsure about whether they should exercise please advise them to consult their Doctor/Specialist.

Are there any prizes?

There are no prizes overall. You may wish to create a top 3 prize within your organisation.

    Should people be encouraged to buddy up?

    We know from past challenges that finding an exercise buddy or team of people is the best motivation. Group exercise sessions or chat rooms during the event would be great to set up in your organisation.

    What type of physical activity counts?

    Participants can choose activities that they enjoy. As long as it raises their heart rate, and makes them breathe faster and feel warmer it will be fine.

    Example activities:

    • Brisk walking
    • Home workouts
    • Cycling
    • Gardening
    • Dancing

    We suggest people follow government advice on social distancing and exercising at home as/when necessary.

    Share your challenge on social media using the hashtag #hpma3030


    The 30:30 challenge does not take into account your personal situation/health. If you are at all unsure about whether you should exercise please consult your Doctor/Specialist.


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