Strategic Audits & Consultancy

Strategic business support on workplace health

We specialise in providing workplace health consultancy. We have a wealth of information, have practical knowledge and have seen and built many wellbeing strategies. Our approach is personal, our processes simple and our results speak for themselves. 



Our audits provide a comprehensive review of existing occupational health and wellbeing services. The audit process is modular and can be adapted to suit each client organisation’s needs. An audit typically takes between two and fifteen days.

The strategic review will look at the following elements:

  • Leadership/management of service
  • Business functions, type and current issues
  • Vision /future strategy
  • Services – current deliverables/services/solutions
  • Strategy and buy in – wellbeing strategy, mental health strategy and alignment with business issues/change
  • Programme management – structure, knowledge, intervention planning, audit
  • Contract spend, account management and value for purchased interventions
  • Programme procurement and management
  • Service integration
  • Clinical governance brief review
  • Communication/brand/image/engagement

The intervention review will see if the current interventions fit future needs. Auditors will look at services such as OH, wellbeing, physiotherapy, counselling, training, proactive initiatives and self help information.

The data review will provide an insight into activity rates and outcomes by reviewing key metrics connected with the programme.

  • Analyse intervention data
  • Analyse absence data
  • Identify trends/gaps.


    Project support

    We provide expertise to help you implement service improvements. Options include:

    • Strategy and policy design
    • Service procurement
    • Transformation project management
    • Mergers
    • Data intelligence