How are your employees coping with life?

Are people worried about returning to work?


If these statistics were about your employees how would you feel? 

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  • 29% have trouble sleeping
  • 34% are anxious on a daily basis
  • 22% are drinking more
  • 33% have financial worries

How healthy are your staff ?

If you know more about people you can design the right strategy?


Are they leading healthy lifestyles?

Are people active, sleeping well and eating well 

How much pressure are they under?

Is the pressure from daily life becoming stressful

Are they enjoying Lock down?

How is COVID 19 affecting people and families 

What are their goals?

Use this data to plan your programmes

The COVID 19 Wellbeing Survey

 This comprehensive survey reviews the physical and mental effect that COVID 19 is having on employees and looks at the positive and negative effects of lock down.

COVID 19 – positive life changes, main issues affecting wellbeing

Physical wellbeing – medical issues, waist, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, alcohol, musculoskeletal, smoking

Mental wellbeing – resilience, mood, stress, coping skills

Personal wellbeing – finance, relationships, caring, work life balance

 Questions are based on both risk and behaviour.

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