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About digital health – wearables + technology.

The health and fitness industry is booming at the moment and there is no better time to be in the business of health and fitness.

1 in 7 people in the UK are members of the gym. The low cost approach to health and fitness is dominating the marketplace. Gyms such as Pure gym who offer a low cost membership in a large number of facilities nationwide have the highest market share.

Technology is shaping this movement as more and more people are using mobile and wearable technology to track fitness, join club/ communities. This makes it so easy to start to make changes to your health and fitness. It is also a relatively cheap way of doing so, at a relatively low cost you can have a smart watch that works alongside your mobile phone that can track a plethora of data and statistics.

Apps are also leading the way. Cycling has been transformed with apps such as Strava. With ease you can compete with friends, join a local club, compete with professional athletes on the same routes. The data you can record on apps like Strava is incredible, so much detail can be gathered in your device.

What if there was a link between the fitness industry and technology that appealed to the low cost audience?

What if there was an app that could link with wearables, sync with popular health and fitness apps, track your health and wellbeing data all in one place?

Sounds good?

What if this app could also connect to a personal trainer or a coach to help improve your health and fitness?

This is becoming a reality !

Well 1-2-1 is an app that does exactly that. It is able to log health data, sync with wearables and apps and also connect the user to a coach who can work with them to make positive progress.

This app has so many different ways it could be used. Well 1-2-1 currently provide the coaching system to coaches around the country to use with their clients. If you want to be a coach then find out more at

Written by Matt Holt-Rogers

Wellbeing4business Ltd.