Employee Health Checks

Raise Health Awareness   –  Support Lifestyle Changes   –  Data to Drive Change

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Provide your teams the opportunity to learn more about key metrics affecting their health & wellbeing


High risk - Referred to GP (2023)


Would recommend a heath check to a colleague

How we work with you

Exisiting Campaign

Single/block days

Support an existing campaign, raise health awareness or engage with your employee’s health & wellbeing.


Annual Programme

Provide your people with regular health checks, use health data to inform strategic decisions and engage with your workforce.

What’s involved?

For your Organisation


  • Service confirmation
  • Branded promotional material
  • A unique link to the booking system.


  • Wellbeing4business Ltd collects anonymised results.


  • A report includes anonymised totals, averages, engagement data, and feedback.

For those of you considering an annual programme, we will develop the following:


  1. A data dashboard – highlighting key topics/goals, areas of strength & weakness.
  2. A risk profile – overall risk score, high & low-risk topics, depending on demographic split high-risk departments may be analysed.
  • We will ask you for feedback.
    For your Employees


    • Book via our online booking system – email confirmation and a reminder of their appointment are sent.
    • ‘Pre-health check info sheet’ is provided. This details the dos and don’ts to ensure accurate test results and provides more information on their health check.


    • Each appointment checks the following:
      • Blood Pressure
      • Blood Glucose
      • Total Blood Cholesterol
      • Body Composition: Weight, body fat %, visceral fat score and waist size.
      • Lifestyle assessment: substance use, alcohol, physical activity, sleep, nutrition, energy levels, musculoskeletal issues, mental health and much more.
      • Goals setting
    • Participants receive an instant report detailing their test results, healthy result guidelines, an action plan and information on accessing support resources/services.


    • After their appointment, a link to provide anonymous feedback is sent.

      What are the benefits?

      For your Organisation

      • Visible, tangible and personalised investment in your employee’s health & wellbeing.
      • A better understanding of your workforce’s health & wellbeing profile.
      • A data-driven programme on which strategic decisions can be based.

      For the Employee

      • Beat the queues at their GP for blood pressure, total blood cholesterol and blood glucose tests.
      • In-depth body composition and lifestyle assessment.
      • Instant results which inform goal setting and accessing support/resources.

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