Expectation to deliver has never been higher and yet 75% of the working population wakes up exhausted each day. Leaders need to be able to maintain and enhance effectiveness in the midst of a fast-paced, high-pressured and continuously changing environment. They need the energy and stamina to meet challenging goals, create value and inspire performance.





Personal online coaching enables you to have your own personal trainer at the end of your finger tips.


All coaching is carried out through the WELL 1-2-1 App. The app will allow you to track your daily habits.




The 12 week programme


Initial introduction – 1-2-1 call (zoom or whatsapp) 


  • Meet your coach
  • A bit of background
  • Outline of the programme
  • Confidentiality agreement


Week 1 – Energy review


  • Assessment of your current energy levels
  • Discussion on life and work
  • Goal setting for 12 week programme
  • Download the WELL 1-2-1 App
  • Principles of energy management


Weeks 2 -4 Physical – Energy in


Week 5-7  Physical – Energy out


Week 7-9 Mental – Resilience


Week 10-12 Team – Building energised teams


Week 12 – Energy review