In the pursuit of excellence, leaders need energy, resilient, physical fitness and mental toughness.

“98% of leaders completing the course felt energised, 82% more engaged at work and 87% more engaged at home”

8 week online coaching programme

We want to create business athletes!

Do you have the desire to be the best you can be?


“We only work with small groups so that everyone gets the personal support they deserve. A truly inspirational programme that does what it says on the tin”

Online Group Coaching

Group coaching programmes start on the 1st of each month and last 8 weeks.

Groups no bigger than 20 people to enable group interaction.

£50 per person per week

£40 per week (Book 3+ delegates)


The programme is delivered through interactive zoom meetings and supported by the WELL 1-2-1 App which tracks daily habits and connects you to your dedicated coach. Each week a different module is delivered and coaches set goals and check progress. Your coach is with you every step of the way!


Initial consultation

A zoom meeting to get to know your coach and evaluate your current energy levels and lifestyle/workstyle.

Weekly webinars

Each week starts with a webinar on the module of the week. 

Daily goals & weekly challenges

Your coach sets daily goals and weekly challenges and support you through the WELL 1-2-1 App .



Coaches provide fact sheets, tips and videos as required.

Weekly progress checks

Each week coaches check progress and work with you to ensure that you fulfil your potential

Final evaluation

Coaches evaluate your energy and resilience in comparison with the initial consultation .


Energy Management Principles                                                     

Considering the relentless demands on our energy we all experience at work and home, we are in a sense all athletes or “Business Athletes”. This module brings looks at the basics of energy management and how it links to leadership excellence and human performance.


Emotional Energy and Resilience                                      

The need for resilience increases in direct proportion to the pace of change and the number and complexity of the challenges we face. Understanding resilience will ensure that we can maintain and enhance effectiveness in the midst of a fast- paced, high-pressured and continuously changing environment.

This module will look at building emotional resilience and pressure vs. performance. It will engage delegates to discuss signs and symptoms of stress, being your best, burnout and provide tips on how to manage daily pressure to enhance performance at work and home

Physical Energy and Wellbeing                                          

This module looks at wellbeing and includes nutrition, movement, hydration, general wellbeing, from a personal performance perspective. It will review the effect of aspects such as sleep and fatigue and their impact on communication, lateral thinking, concentration, leadership and overall performance.


Daily behaviour                                                                         

This module will focus on the rituals which can be set to translate values and priorities into action in all dimensions of our work and personal life. 

This module will look at building high energy teams

Each week your coach will set you a challenge. These challenges will take you out of your comfort zone.


  • Perfect – great coach, superb app, great learning and most of all – it worked – I am now energised! Senior Manager Utilities company
  • This course has really helped me to understand how to identify how to get better work life balance. Senior Officer, Local Authority
  • This course is very relevant to my present working situation and gives excellent ways to manage my personal energy levels. NHS Trust Employee
  • The course is very relevant to me in my present circumstances in work regarding changes. An interesting, enjoyable and very useful programme. All Senior Management should attend this programme as it improves your ability to perform at your best. Local Government Employee.
  • This course has helped me put many things into perspective. Excellent! Sales Manager
  • The practical exercises and techniques taught are excellent and will really make a difference. Call Centre Manager
  • Very relevant and thought provoking programme. I thought the app was brilliant – I tracked my daily habits and was able to make small daily adjustments . Thank you. General Manger, Building Company
  • The coach was brilliant! He was very professional, approachable and enlightening. Thank you. Local Authority Manager


Your Coach

Mark Holt-Rogers.

Mark is considered one of the leading authorities on health and productivity management and has worked with some of the major FTSE 100 companies to help them increase resilience, engagement and performance at work. Mark has trained conditioning experts, top executives and sportspeople to achieve high performance through energy and resilience management. Mark is a regular speaker at International Events. 

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Strategy- Culture – Leadership – Wellbeing

There is so much to consider and a plethora of guidance that one can see how overwhelming this can be for an organisation...

Our readiness check brings 360 deg feedback and clarity.

Why a COVID -19 return to work readiness check is so important?

COVID-19 has brought with it a tsunami of change to organisations. It’s not simply the amount of change but the speed of it. Implementing change successfully in any organisation is not easy and can be a complex activity, involving changes to processes, culture and new ways of working. Success will depend heavily on the readiness of the organisation and the receptiveness of its people to want to change to the desired state so that the required benefits can be realised.

The COVID-19 readiness check is an essential benchmark that enables you to be able to plan and successfully implement change. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten, when planning for change. There is so much to consider and a plethora of guidance that one can see how overwhelming this can be for an organisation.


What is the COVID-19 return to work readiness check?


This COVID-19 return to work readiness check provides a detailed assessment of an organisations readiness in managing COVID- 19 return to work. The questions are taken from a compilation of advice from several sources (Society of Medicine, HSE, CIPD) and experts in HR and workplace wellbeing. The report highlights strengths and weaknesses on key areas to enable organisations to develop a plan of action. Although the check will be kept under review and updated, it remains an individual organisation’s responsibility to ensure any advice given is up to date and accurate as knowledge of COVID-19 is still evolving and advice may change.

Whether you are just starting to build your COVID-19 strategy or have an established programme the report will provide practical information and guidance to ensure that you are COVID-19 ready

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“Returning people to work following lockdown is a complex process. There is so much to consider and a plethora of guidance, so much so that you can see how overwhelming this can be for an organisation.The power of this Readiness Check lies in its simplicity. Within 48 hours of completion, the organisation will have a detailed but targeted report, enabling senior teams to identify and reduce organisational risk and helping them to lead the organisation during this huge operational and cultural change.

Roger Wilson

Chartered FCIPD, Roger J Wilson Associates Limited

“This pandemic is taking everyone on a journey. As a result, Individuals are working, behaving and thinking differently. The impact on the workplace and workforce is huge. Organisations have to plan ahead, consider future workplace design and consider how to stage return to work to ensure that they take care of their people. Our Readiness Check provides structure and clarity.” 

Mark Holt-Rogers 

Wellbeing4business Ltd

“The return to work readiness questionnaire is easy to complete with a fantastic turnaround time of results , the summary provided a very easy to read picture of our current position and highlighted what areas we needed to focus upon”

Jane Mullin, Deputy Director of Workforce and Innovation,

The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust


The process

The readiness check is divided into 4 core areas. There are two questionnaires to be completed; one for the Senior team and another for Line managers.

Example questions:

  • Strategy and policy – Do you have a written strategy or policy for managing COVID-19 return to work? Have you identified key people in your organisation who will be involved in COVID-19 feedback and decision making?
  • Culture and leadership – Are your managers/supervisors competent in managing in a new work environment?  (This could be under new guidance or remote working?). How are they feeling about their roles in the new workplace environment?
  • Workplace safety – Do you have a process to manage an incident at work which has led to someone’s possible or actual exposure to COVID -19? Have you considered how you will ensure ‘at risk’ groups within organisations are supported adequately?
  • Wellbeing– Do you know how their wellbeing has been affected by lock down. Do you know how your people feel about returning to work?

Each questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

The report

A detailed report will be provided and our consultants will discuss the findings via a zoom session.