Fitter – Healthier – Happier

Starts: 1st February

Improve your energy levels and build healthy habits to maintain positive physical and mental wellbeing

Take on the virtual wellbeing challenge as a team with your Enginuity colleagues or as an individual if you prefer.

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About the challenge

Managing your energy is the most important factor in maintaining high performance and looking after your wellbeing. The BOOST challenge helps you to incorporate energy building habits into each day. It’s simple but effective. Hopefully after the month long challenge, you’ll have developed new habits to help you maintain your energy levels and build resilience.


Start Date: 01/02/2021

Finish Date: 28/02/2021


Join as a team or as an individual

Everyone: Download the Well 1-2-1 app & follow the sign up process.

  • Individuals: Once you have downloaded the Well 1-2-1 app & signed up, you are ready to go.
  • Teams: Once you have downloaded the Well 1-2-1 app & signed up. Please nominate a team leader who will send your team name and the names of up to 5 team members to Lynsey Thwaites (hr@enginuity.org)


What is the BOOST Challenge?

Complete 5 energy building habits everyday this February.

Each habit you complete gains you a ‘BOOST’ point. Collect as many points as you can.

A total of 5 points are available each day (35 each week, 140 in total)


Scoring BOOST points:

Simply record your daily health habits & BOOST points on the Well 1-2-1 app.

  1. Physical activity – 30+ mins (1 Point)
  2. Sleep – 6-9 hours (1 Point)
  3. Hydration – 8-10 glasses (1 Point)
  4. Mood – Stopping to check in with yourself (1 Point)
  5. Relaxation – Taking 15+ minutes out from your day to relax (1 Point)

Top Tip – Treat the 5 daily health habits as ‘non negotiables’ – These are things that become an essential part of your daily routine in order to manage your energy levels.

Support and Resources – You can find information as to how to gain your points below

Leaderboards/league tables

  • Join a leaderboard for individuals on the Well 1-2-1 app that is based on the number of BOOST points recorded and compete with your colleagues!
  • At the end of each week, team & overall stats will be shared with you via the Well 1-2-1 app & on Enginuity Workplace.



The BOOST challenge does not take into account your personal situation/health. If you are at all unsure about whether you should complete any of the daily health habits, please consult your Doctor/Specialist.

Please follow the latest government advice/guidance on COVID-19 at all times.



Week 1

Week 2

Week 3



Take a look at the following information on physical activity

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