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How healthy are your staff?

Our health assessor is a comprehensive health risk appraisal programme that provides individuals with an online report.It reviews key health risks and lifestyle behaviours and grades them on a red, amber, green scale

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The Wellbeing Tracker Provides Self Help Information and a Comprehensive Online Review of Health and Lifestyle Risk Factors.

Health & Lifestyle Online Assessment

Our health assessment focuses on key lifestyle areas that may be controllable and affect wellbeing.

The assessment takes 10 minutes to complete. Each participant receives a personal health lights report that highlights areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. The report rates each section, along with easy-to-understand next steps for health improvement. Focusing on behavioural choices allows us to identify potential future health risks and better direct each participant to where they can make healthier choices to improve their health status.

Self help information

Our Wellbeing Tracker gives access to many more resources, in addition to the Health Assessor.  Videos, podcasts, articles and links to relevant websites and research documents as well as a Health Library which is a glossary of features providing background information to give an in-depth understanding of each health metric and resource.

We can build a bespoke survey

Our bespoke profiles are built to fit each organisation. We have a large question bank to draw from and will work with you to design and operate a comprehensive employee wellbeing profile.



A Health Risk Appraisal (Wellbeing profiles) is a valuable tool when designing an organisational strategy as they provide a snapshot of the wellbeing within a set population and detail, both health risk and health intentions. They also provide valuable feedback on current services.

Our profiles take a few minutes to complete, are confidential and can be deployed across the whole organisation or targeted groups. Upon completion a detailed organisational report is produced.

Put simply, a health risk appraisal can be part of an organisation-wide strategy that addresses health risk factors that are amenable to change. No organisation can change a person’s age or medical history, but it can advise people on factors such as diet and nutrition, smoking, drinking, fitness and exercise, and so on. A health risk programme can also cover specific workplace concerns such as back pain and RSI (repetitive strain injury).

The aim is to provide employees with valuable information about their health status, and help empower those at risk to make lifestyle changes. The employer gains key indicators of patterns of risk throughout an organisation that could adversely be affecting business performance. 

Note that medical screening is a different topic. Initiatives such as pre-employment health screening and provision of mobile screening facilities (such as for TB) are traditionally covered by the occupation health service. However, such screening services can be used as a part of a health risk assessment programme where appropriate – key measures being blood pressure and cholesterol checks that are carried out after personnel have completed questionnaires about their lifestyle risks.

What is a health risk appraisal?

A health risk assessment (HRA) is a health questionnaire, used to provide individuals with an evaluation of their health risks and quality of life. There are a range of options available, however most capture information relating to:

–Demographic characteristics – age, gender

–Lifestyle – exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, diet

–Personal and family medical history

–Physiological data – weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol

–Attitudes and willingness to change behaviour in order to improve health

The main objectives of a HRA are to:

–Assess health status

–Estimate the level of health risk

–Inform and provide feedback to participants to motivate behaviour change to reduce health risks

Example profiles

Built the WELL programme – UK’s first Health Risk Appraisal – distributed to organisations such as GSK, Bechtel , Citigroup, Bombardier, Magnox, KPMG, Colleges, councils etc Estimated over 300000 completions in 3 years, average utilisation 72%, lowest 49% (police force). Not just a HRA but behavioural programme driving population health management. Paper and online completion.

Built HRA ‘s for Wellbeing people, PPC Worldwide Employee Assistance programme, Validium, Team Prevent and one for Warwick international computing.

We developed a Sleep Assessment product with Loughborough University for workplace risk and performance enhancement

Successful usage of HRA

GlaxoSmithKline in 2004/5 enabled us to implement a health risk appraisal programme (The WELL programme) that achieved uptake of 53% to 89% across the business including office/manufacturing business units.The programme was the catalyst for the GSK Road Map and Employee Health Management programme.

–We have enabled our clients to enter and win numerous prestigious awards such as Personnel Today and Employee Benefits’. Out the City of York schools picked up three awards in 2003


Survey design

We will sit with you to design the survey.

Survey deployment

We will provide communication support to help you launch the survey.

Corporate report

We will design and build a bespoke report reviewing your data.