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Leaders today need energy and resilience to perform at their best. Our  Energy4business programme has been hugely successful and is now available online.

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Energy fuels engagement, excellence and leadership coaching builds resilience

Expectation to deliver has never been higher and yet 75% of the working population wakes up exhausted each day!

Leaders need to be able to maintain and enhance effectiveness in the midst of a fast-paced, high-pressured and continuously changing environment. They need the energy and stamina to meet challenging goals, create value and inspire performance. This programme will help leaders to become energised and build high performing and resilient teams.

This leadership coaching programme offers a very personalised approach to wellbeing.

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About the coaching programme

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  • 92% of people attending the programme felt more energised 4 weeks later.
  • 82% felt more engaged at work and 87% more engaged at home
  • Concentration improved by 40%, 14% were happier in life,
  • 35% felt more in control of life and mental sharpness improved by 39%.

Energy4business offers a business driven approach to wellbeing at work and builds on the relationship between Business and Athletic performance. It educates leaders to think and behave like Business Athletes to ensure they are able to expand their capacity to embrace the pressures they face, especially during difficult times. Energy4business is suitable for leaders, senior managers, decision makers and anyone in a highly demanding rol


In the pursuit of excellence; leaders need to be engaged, resilient, energised and fit both mentally and physically. This programme is a 90 day intensive ONLINE personal coaching programme is suitable for:

  • Senior leaders, head teachers, line managers and business owners
  • High performers
  • Expats working abroad.

It can be delivered any time, anywhere.

Online energy coaching

“My coach could monitor my progress live and give me the occasional nudge”

Energy profile

“Looking in the mirror opened my eyes to the real me. It helped me to see the need to become aligned to my values and improve my energy levels”

Energy community

“Being able to talk to others and swap ideas was a great function of this programme”

Health tracking app

“Tracking my daily habits kept me focused and accountable”

We also provide onsite workshops on Energy4business

Full day, half day or conference speaking.