Mental Heath Expertise

Mental health at work is becoming high profile.

Wellbeing4business Ltd has over 20 years experience in designing and implementing some of the largest and most successful mental health and wellbeing programmes in the UK and Ireland. In 2011 we were invited by Dame Carol Black to be one of the first people to sit on the Governments Strategy Group for Occupational Health and Wellbeing in the workplace.

Our strategic consultancy has achieved success in both public and private sectors winning awards, reducing absence and implementing sustainable strategies.

Whether you work with 10 people, 1000 people or or act as a sole trader we can support you to fit the right solutions to your business needs.

Wellbeing4business has a long history in providing stress risk assessment and consultancy support in managing organisational stress. Below are two case studies from their work in this area:

City of York Schools

57% of staff attribute improvements in the working practices of their school to the programme. Knowing how difficult achieving organisational change can be, it is encouraging that in just 12 months, 47% of staff are now more positive about their jobs; 55% feel their physical health has improved; and 45% feel they have improved their ability to cope effectively with pressure and stress

Nuffield Orthopedic Centre

Average days lost to sickness absence per employee was reduced from 8.4% to 7.3%. In addition, Occupational Health referrals for psychological problems were reduced by 83%; days lost due to absence for psychological reasons was reduced by 25%; and 56% of staff felt that the Trust is committed to staff health and wellbeing

Key Focus 

Strategic Review

We provide auditing services to evaluate the strategic fit, operational efficiency and effectiveness of current programmes and support pathways. 

We believe that our experience in auditing mental health and wellbeing in a vast array of organizations allows us to not only audit existing services and strategy but also bring a wealth of ideas from our experiences in councils, Nhs Trusts, Universities, M&S etc

Strategy Design

We provide strategy and procurement support to help organisations build mental health programmes. We have extensive experience in building mental health strategies and developing coherent and achievable action plans.

We firstly ensure an organisation complies with legislation and then focus on managing pressure, treatment pathways and personal support.

Stress Risk Assessment

Our dedicated StressHUB provides a stress risk assessment portal and consultancy service to design, implement and analyse stress risk assessments across identified sectors within your business. We design a bespoke stress risk questionnaire specifically for your business and provide resources on how to run assessments, templates for team and individual assessments and communication tools to help you launch assessments.