Optimise the strength and resilience of your workforce

We can help your company enhance the resilience of your employees with strategic business support and preventative programmes.

All employers have a responsibility to:

  • Assess stress risk
  • Apply the principles of stress management – prevention, education and rehabilitation
  • Ensure employees have the capability to do their jobs

Merely providing stress management services is “not a panacea by which employers can discharge their duty of care”. United Kingdom stress management case law is clear on the responsibilities of employers to provide, audit and communicate proactive mental health services to their employees in a consistent manner. The Management of Health & Safety at Work (MHSW) Regulations 1999 requires all employers and the self-employed, to assess the risks from their work on anyone who may be affected by their ongoing activities. The regulations require employers to carry out a systematic examination of their work activities and record the significant findings of any assessment.

We have been supporting businesses since 2003

City of York Schools

57% of staff attribute improvements in the working practices of their school to the programme. Knowing how difficult achieving organisational change can be, it is encouraging that in just 12 months, 47% of staff are now more positive about their jobs; 55% feel their physical health has improved; and 45% feel they have improved their ability to cope effectively with pressure and stress.

Nuffield Orthopedic Centre

Average days lost to sickness absence per employee was reduced from 8.4% to 7.3%. In addition, Occupational Health referrals for psychological problems were reduced by 83%; days lost due to absence for psychological reasons was reduced by 25%; and 56% of staff felt that the Trust is committed to staff health and wellbeing.