Occupational health track record


Wellbeing4business Ltd has over 15 years experience in delivering Occupational health audits and designing/implementing some of the largest and most successful Occupational health and wellbeing programmes in the UK and Ireland. Our occupational health audits and wellbeing consultancy  expertise enables us to specialise in reducing absence, stress management and improving occupational health services.

We supply Occupational health audits using specialists with practical experience…

Our workplace wellbeing expertise has helped a wide range of clients. Our first client was EON, our largest project Hampshire County Council, our award winning client M&S, our latest contract Barts Health, our most challenging was collaboration project with 5 NHS Trusts, our largest audit was for Crossrail. We have transformed occupational health and wellbeing departments to improve efficiency, effectiveness and value and have written occupational health and wellbeing strategies for both public and private organisations. 

Our vision is clear…

Our desire is to improve performance and excellence within the workplace through driving up standards, sustainability and commercial value for occupational health and wellbeing programmes. Our approach is simple – to provide support as best envisaged by our client. Priorities change in large organisations and we aim to provide a flexible service to meet your demands.

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Expertise in product development

  • Built the WELL programme – UK’s first Health Risk Assessment – distributed to organisations such as GSK, Bechtel , Citigroup, Bombardier, Magnox, KPMG, Colleges, councils etc Estimated over 300000 completions in 3 years, average utilisation 72%, lowest 49% (police force). Not just a HRA Abut behavioural programme driving population health management. Paper and online completion.
  • Build HRA for PPC Worldwide Employee Assistance programme and one for Warwick international computing.
  • Built the planahealth corporate website in 2010 for Marks and Spencer’s attracting over 15000 users in first 8 months using basic HRA and health pledges.
  • We built Fitness/lifestyle assessment software that is used by over 1500 Occupational Health Departments and leading fitness centre’s
  • We developed an online Health club for Bowflex, the worlds leading supplier of fitness equipment
  • We developed a Sleep Assessment product with Loughborough University for workplace risk and performance enhancement
  • We developed an e-learning management training programme on attendance and stress
  • We have over 20 years experience in providing services that promote the importance of good health and by implementing evidence based programmes that are relevant, engaging and achieve the desired business effect.
  • Our work with M&S in 2010/11 enabled us to develop an integrated wellbeing programme that engaged ownership on key health risks and help people to develop rituals that improve engagement (Home and work) and performance. With over 11000 pledges in over 6 months from a 64000 population the M&S plan Ahealth website has been a huge success. Jenny Wallage, Head of Employee Support, Marks and Spencer, June 2010


” Mark Holt-Rogers has been an integral and influential part of our Business plan to successfully launch a Corporate Wellbeing offer at Marks and Spencer. Mark has offered experience, insight, focus and innovation in a broad range of areas, both in terms of IT technical issues and in wellbeing content. These skills have enabled us to successfully launch our website with our 65,000 employees in May 2010. This bespoke employee offer has been highly successful within our business. On a personal level, I have found Mark to be supportive and excellent value for money. He is prepared to share his contacts and experience for the benefit of the Company he is working for. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business considering using the services which Mark and his team specialise in providing.

Implementing wellbeing initiatives within organisations

Our work with Foods standards agency in 2002/3 achieved the following results from our work on wellbeing and work life balance with managers and employees – Reduced absenteeism (self reported) –dropped from 17.7 days in 2001-2 to 8.4 days. Improved morale – the percentage of people with morale levels low enough to be potential leavers reduced from 19% in 2001-2, to 11% in 2002-3. This is especially significant given it occurred during a year of change. Managers reported that the positive influence of health and wellbeing on their performance had improved by 27% from 2001-2 to 2002-3.

• Our work with Heart of England NHS Trust in 2008/9 enabled us to develop an integrated wellbeing strategy that helped the Trust to reduce absence and engage senior leaders in Energy and Vitality. Sickness overall in the Trust has come down by 2%. Long term absence reduced by 37% in 12 months. Of 100 long term cases, 80 are ‘closed’ with the majority back at work. Short term sickness reduced by 14%. Savings are estimated at 2 days per person (16k more days of work) and a reduction of £1.9m on average pay costs of staff who are off sick. Total savings, taking into account reduction in cover requirements and productivity gains from the decrease, are estimated to be £3.8m. Reputation of HR and OH improved as absence has big impact on quality of patient care and costs. OH efficiency has resulted in staffing cost savings of 10%. Executive team and senior management team energy and resilience has improved. The energy management programme for the Top50 resulted in 92% improving their energy levels, 82% felt more engaged at work and 87% more engaged at home, concentration improved by 40%, 14% were happier in life, 35% felt more in control of life and mental sharpness improved by 39%.

We have enabled our clients to enter and win numerous prestigious awards such as Personnel Today and Employee Benefits’. Out the City of York schools picked up three awards in 2003.

Providing consultancy on strategy and productivity 

Wellbeing4business Ltd began work with Gloucester County Council began with an OH and Wellbeing Audit presented in January 2009. The project saved a total of £86,953 or 23% of original budget. Further savings were also made by reducing demand for counseling and reduced Dr days. The council also began to charge for services better to external clients with the development of a pricing model. The project saved money and introduced a vast amount of transformation in little over 12 weeks work. All work was delivered to schedule. We developed a suite of communication material to launch the programme.

Our work with Kings College Hospital enabled us to reduce costs on OH by £500,000, redevelop a more visible and efficient service and introduce new concepts such as a vocational rehabilitation service and overall wellbeing strategy. We recruited a physio and fitness coach to provide a fast track musculoskeletal programme. We have launched numerous organisational challenges. In 2011 we successfully merged the trusts OH service with the South London and Maudsley.

We provide audits and consultancy to Crossrail to manage the health of construction workers.

We built the NHS Buckinghamshire wellbeing strategy and carried out numerous focus groups and training to help manage staff through difficult organisational change

We wrote the wellbeing strategy for the Nuffield Orthopaedic centre and trained teams of champions to work in promotion of the strategy and management of mental health support

We restructured ELHT NHS Trust  occupational health department and launched their wellbeing strategy with the boards approval.