Online Group Coaching Programmes

Structured coaching sessions on popular topics.

Each programme lasts 4 weeks.



Simply choose your topics and advertise to staff

Combine a fun group atmosphere with attentive, structured coaching to provide the perfect environment for staff improve a particular aspect of their wellbeing.

Group coaching programmes last 4 weeks and can involve up to 50 people per group.

As well as having daily support from peers through our Well 1-2-1 app, staff will have weekly group check-ins / webinars with an online coach. 

Remote wellbeing programme


Simple to manage

Health improvement



Programme format

All coaching programmes are delivered through interactive zoom meetings and supported by the WELL 1-2-1 App which tracks daily habits and connects participants to a dedicated coach. 


Initial consultation

A zoom meeting to get to know your coach and evaluate lifestyle/workstyle issues and goals

Weekly webinars

Each week starts with a webinar on the module of the week. Webinars can be live or video based.

Daily goals & weekly challenges

Coaches set daily goals and weekly challenges and support you through the WELL 1-2-1 App .



Coaches provide fact sheets, tips and videos as required.

Weekly progress checks

Each week coaches check progress and work with you to ensure that you fulfil your potential

Final evaluation

Coaches evaluate your energy and resilience in comparison with the initial consultation .