Organisational wellbeing surveys

How well are your staff? How are they coping with COVID-19?

Organisational Wellbeing Survey 

Using an Organisational Wellbeing Survey allows you to benchmark and monitor the changes in health behaviour, health risks, attitudes, readiness to change and health perceptions in a population over time.

    The Survey

    This comprehensive survey reviews the physical and mental wellbeing. We can also include questions on the effect that COVID-19 is having on employees including the positive and negative effects of lock down.

    The sections:

    • COVID-19 – positive life changes, main issues affecting wellbeing, workplace risk, homeworking, shielding.
    • Physical wellbeing – medical issues, waist, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, alcohol, musculoskeletal, smoking
    • Mental wellbeing – resilience, mood, stress, coping skills
    • Personal wellbeing – finance, relationships, caring, work life balance
    • Behaviour – goals and motivation

    Questions are based on both risk and behaviour and taken from our core validated question bank.

    Bespoke options

    The Survey can be designed with specific questions to meet specific business needs. We can also add demographic questions to allow for greater data analysis.

    The format

    The Survey will be conducted online.

    The report

    Following the survey, a detailed report will be provided online. Further consultant support is available on request