Use our health tracking app or wellbeing challenges portal to engage people or track their progress

We can track standard information such as weight, activity minutes, steps as well as more obscure topics like chocolate, coffee, yoga minutes, water, fruit etc See to see how National Grid did it.... See Contact us for...
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Wellbeing challenges increase activity levels

Wellbeing challenges increase activity levels in staff 217 data review. * 24% average participation rate * 88% of those who start, complete the 4 week challenge * 76% meet the minimum of 30 minutes every day of the challenge * participants are 3.2 times more likely...
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Homes & Communities Agency Challenge Success

As part of the agency’s On Solid Ground mental health and wellbeing awareness work, our very first Wellbeing Team Challenge saw a total of 40 teams and 190 staff taking part in the 4 week competition, which aimed to get staff more physically active and improve their...
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Absence or wellbeing? Do you focus on the absence or wellbeing of staff -  the 10% absent or 90% well? Employee health budgets are primarily spent on "fixing" the problem and focus usually on supporting those whose health is influencing their performance. We have...
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National Grid lose 313 stone

National Grid ran the weight loss challenge and lost an amazing 313 stone over the 4 weeks. We developed a bespoke landing page. Well...
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Our StressHUB portal combines a stress risk assessment with consultancy expertise to help design, implement and analyse stress risk assessments across identified sectors within a business. 

The StressHUB portal provides resources on how to run assessments, templates for team and individual assessments and communication tools to help you launch assessments. We achieve over 60% completion rates on average.

StressHUB also provides resources on resilience building and a series of articles and templates to help managers to comply with legislation and become more confident managing situations that arise.

Additional Support

Our consultancy services can support you in carrying out focus groups, designing strategies and policy if required.