Promoting Physical Activity in the Workplace

We provide a variety of proven programmes to get staff active


Strategic ideas to promote physical activity in the workplace

 We recommend that you develop and continually review an organisational wide plan or policy to support employees to be more physically active. This will ensure you are taking a consistent and planned approach. You can encourage and promote increased levels of physical activity in a number of ways.

Suggestions include:

  • Flexible working hours – such as the option of longer lunch breaks allowing time for a walk or run.
  • Corporate gym memberships – linking up with local leisure centres to offer discounts for employees.
  • Cycle to work schemes – encouraging employees to cycle to work.
  • Lunchtime walk or jog clubs – giving employees the chance to get together and go on a planned route.
  • Walk and talk or standing meetings – rather than sitting in a meeting room


Our programmes get people moving

We have built specific programmes that have been proven to increase physical activity in the workplace. See 30:30 challenge report

Health promotion

  • We can provide interactive events in the workplace including “smoothie bike challenges”
  • We can provide a monthly bulletin or content to increase health awareness
  • We can provide interactive workshops online and onsite
  • We can provide the WELL121 app to monitor daily activity levels

Wellbeing challenges

  • Wellbeing challenges are a great way to increase activity levels across the whole organisation.
  • We can provide challenges on a variety of themes including minutes of activity, steps and distance.
  • See our wellbeing challenges 

Group coaching

  • Group coaching sessions educate staff on the principles of exercise and set personal targets
  • Group coaching programmes are delivered online or onsite.
  • See our group coaching 

Well Clubs

  • We can set up and run well clubs in your organisation using Strava
  • Clubs include walking, cycling, swimming.

Onsite health screenings and personal coaching

  • We can provide health screening days including waist, weight, BMI and other risk factors   
  • We can provide personalised online coaching following the health screening
  • See our health screening