Well 1-2-1 Monthly Plan

A 12-month Calendar of Validated Health Promotion Content, Fun Challenges & Performance Coaching


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Working with us will ensure:

– Employees are engaged every day on key health promotion topics which impact employee wellbeing & business performance

– Current health & wellbeing behaviours are challenged

– Lifestyle changes are supported with coaching (1-2-1 & group)

Our Plans

All our plans are delivered through a combination of our specially designed Well 1-2-1 App & Online Portal

Fully supported by expert coaches & consultants


Our entry-level plan takes health promotion to a new level

Daily Health & Wellbeing Content

Wellbeing content all in one place. Each month brings a new focus and will provide your employees with validated health promotion and wellbeing content, fact sheets, videos and a monthly newsletter.

Daily Tracking

We provide daily trackers corresponding to each months topic. This invokes behaviour change and turns the “thinkers” into “doers”.

Monthly Self Assessment Questionnaires

Each month we supplement the “doing data” with mini-surveys to review progress and obtain feedback.


All of the starter plan with the addition of fun and impactful monthly challenges

Monthly Challenges

Adding a challenge each month provides adds something fun and provides friendly competition. Live leaderboards and a private challenge community increase engagement.

Find out why challenging your employees is beneficial to your business


All of the above with the addition of monthly performance programmes

Monthly Performance Programmes

Employees who require more structured support and guidance can join a coach-led performance programme.

Find out why group coaching is beneficial to your business

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