“No matter how your program is structured you have to find ways to personalise the experience.”

Our Smart health model is simple. It offers employees the opportunity to set a personal challenge, track their progress and obtain support along the way:

Joe wants to get fit for a charity 5k run – he sets up a daily activity tracker and chats to a coach about how to start.

Julie wants to manage her stress levels – she sets up trackers on relaxation, mindfulness and downloads a 4 week resilience programme to follow

Dave wants to eat a healthier diet – he set up trackers on coffee, chocolate, water and fruit to manage his indulgences and improve his consumption of healthy alternatives

Sam wants to manage his Parkinsons – he sets up trackers on tremors, energy and activity (walking daily and stretching) to track his symptoms and his activity.

Using the smart health model they all can achieve their goals. If the organisation was doing standard health promotion on a subject such as “better backs” – none would take part !

To learn more about our smart health model contact info@wellbeing4business.co.uk