Strategic Mental Health Consultancy

Throwing Solutions At A Problem Is Not The Answer.


Professional Support 

Mental health at work is becoming a more prominent agenda item, and organisations are becoming increasingly involved in purchasing solutions such as EAPs, counselling or training courses. However, many solutions are used in isolation, without clear strategies and policies to support them. With more businesses trying to manage mental health than ever, occasionally receiving help is critical. We know from experience that the organisations that achieve great results are the ones who recognise that they need help and advice. We are here to augment your efforts and achieve more together.

“ The strategy Mark has enabled the NOC to develop demonstrates our commitment to promoting the health and wellbeing of our employees to enhance the quality of service delivered to patients.

I would not hesitate to recommend Wellbeing4business Services to any organisation wishing to take staff welfare seriously.”

Bev Edgar, Director of Workforce and OD, NOC


Strategic Review 

Provides background information and understanding of the current business. This will be invaluable in understanding roles, pressures and the working environment.

  • Business functions, type of and current issues
  • The vision concerning employee wellbeing
  • Business and people demographics
  • Policy and strategies



      Process Review 

      Look at how efficient and effective the processes are in managing issues such as long-term absence, conflict and traumatic incidents. 

      • The referral process (self-referral and management referral)
      • Conflict resolution process
      • Absence process – frequent short-term and long-term absence
      • Trauma/critical incidents (including suicide)



            Intervention Review 

            Assesses whether the current interventions fit future needs. We will look at services such as EAP, mediation, bullying, counselling, training, proactive initiatives and self-help information.

            • Services, promotion and pathways of interventions
            • Contract spending, account management and value for purchased interventions
            • Integration of interventions
            • Governance
            • Metrics 



              Strategy and Action Planning

              We will produce a full report detailing our findings and suggested action plan/strategy and present it to key stakeholders/champions within your organisation.