Tackling Obesity in the Workplace

We provide a variety of proven programmes to support staff in managing their weight


Strategies to support staff in managing their weight

Obesity, with its links to many chronic conditions, is a huge drain on individual as well as corporate health. It can sap productivity, worsen mobility and morale, and increase sick days and occupational injuries. Programmes that focus on workplace obesity prevention have been shown to reverse these trends. Effective programmes take a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on providing workers with the knowledge, skills, and support to eat a healthier diet and be more active.

Growing evidence points to some characteristics of the workplace itself as initiators of weight gain and obesity. Things like job stress, overbooked schedules, few breaks, and night-time work shifts can promote poor eating and little exercise.

Workplace strategy ideas include:

  • Create visible strategic leadership
  • Offer health screenings, such as BMI screenings or health risk assessments
  • Create a worksite environment that promotes physical activity
    • Provide on-site gyms or other physical activity facilities, such as walking paths
    • Allow flexible work time or breaks for participation in physical activity
    • Promote the use of stairs, such as by using signs or by making stairwells safe and attractive
    • Promote “active transport” (bicycling or walking to work), such as by offering bicycle storage or cycletowork schemes
  • Create a worksite environment that promotes healthy eating
    • Provide healthy food and beverages in cafeterias, vending machines, and elsewhere in the worksite
    • Ensure access to clean drinking water
    • Limit access to sugary drins and food
    • Reduce the price of healthy foods and beverages
    • Replace unhealthy items with healthy items
    • Provide informational and educational information about a healthy diet
  • Promote public health schemes in the local community (classes or clubs)
  • Reduce the stigma and criticism surrounding obesity.


Our programmes engage staff and support on a personal or group level

We have built specific programmes that have been proven to reduce obesity in the workplace. 

Information and education

  • We can provide fact sheets, podcasts, training plans and video material to help you to promote weight management
  • We can also deliver onsite health screening and workshops (online and onsite) 

Onsite health screenings and personal coaching

  • We can provide health screening days including waist, weight, BMI and other risk factors   
  • We can provide personalised online coaching following the health screening
  • See our health screening

Wellbeing challenges

  • Wellbeing challenges are a great way to promote weight loss across the whole organisation.
  • We can provide challenges on weight loss and also run charity based challenges
  • Our £4pound challenge has been highly successful
  • See our wellbeing challenges 

Group coaching

  • Group coaching sessions educate staff on the principles of weight management and set personal targets
  • Group coaching programmes are delivered online or onsite.
  • See our group coaching 

    Losing weight to raise money for charity huge success

    National Grid ran our £4lb challenge to promote weight loss. Participants could enrol as a team and/or individual

    Overall organisation results

    • Organisation Total                   1997.93 Kgs / 313 st 13

    • Top Team Total                            35.36 Kgs / 5 st 8

    • Top Individual Total                    15.00 Kgs / 2 st 5


    NHS Trust loses weight on  4 week challenge

    Wrightinton, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust ran a challenge to promote weight loss. Participants could enrol as a team and/or individual

    Overall organisation results

    • 144 people, 33 teams registered initially for the challenge 

    • Total weight lost – 250.25 Kgs over a 4 week period – equivalent to 551.7 lbs or 39.4 stone

    • The top team lost 22.78 Kgs over a 4 week period – equivalent to 50.22 lbs or 3.58 stone

    • The top individual lost 8.10 Kgs over a 4 week period – equivalent to 17 lbs or 1.27 stone

    • 64% stayed with the programme.