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A Four-step Plan Proven To Improve Employee Wellbeing...
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Well 1-2-1

Bespoke Wellbeing Programmes

Improve business and employee wellbeing with our four-step plan…

We combine our business consultancy with the most effective wellbeing solutions to create the ultimate wellbeing programme. 

This consltancy led programme will follow our central theme and aims to:

  • Understand organisational health risks & behaviours
  • Plan a roadmap for progress
  • Engage your workforce with technological wellbeing solutions
  • Review the effect on employee wellbeing

We will provide you with a dedicated ‘Plan Manager’ who will serve as an extension of your team.

Example programmes


Westinghouse (Springfields Site) wanted to develop a more proactive approach to health and wellbeing to compliment their existing OH Service. Wellbeing4business Ltd developed and implemented a two year plan:


  • Organisational survey
  • Occupational health and wellbeing audit


  • Development of a clear strategy, brand and implementation timeline


  • Launch of new scheme with smoothie bike challenges and onsite health screening
  • Development of a bespoke website
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Wellbeing challenges every quarter
  • Online group coaching
  • Wellbeing champions
  • Wellbeing challenges


  • Quarterly reporting

Example plan

Heathrow Business Support Centre

Heathrow Business Support Centre, based in Glasgow, Scotland, provides Heathrow Airport with a variety of services including HR, finance and ID security services. Heathrow wanted to implement a highly engaging short term plan that improved wellbeing (in particularly energy, stress and fitness).

Wellbeing4business devised a plan that involved all staff and lasted for 8 weeks. The plan consisted of:


  • Brief organisational discussion


  • Plan of action and schedule


  • Workshops on physical fitness, mental health, wellbeing and improved energy levels, and how these could link to workplace performance.
  • Challenge – steps challenge
  • Coaching and tracking – Well 1-2-1 App which was used throughout to track daily progress in accordance to the goals set by the programme
  • 1-2-1 online coaching was available throughout

Post programme review by independant body

The majority of participants said they thought they had noticed an increase in their expected productivity levels, had an increased ability to deal with day to day issues at work; as well as remarking that the programme did help to change their mindset of wanting to do better at work, and to be more productive, as well as encouraging a “winning mindset”:

“Getting out for a break made me feel more productive on a day to day basis, and being able to remember that I can take this time to go for a walk and have some time away from my desk was a nice feeling”.

“I think the healthy competition really got people in the mindset of wanting to do better than the other teams, it encouraged a winning mindset. I feel the energy I use to help the team win has also been transferred onto my work and I feel more productive”.

In terms of engagement levels after participating in the programme, numerous participants had noticed an increase in passion for their work as well as feeling more aware of, and taking more of an interest in, what was going on in the workplace. A number of those interviewed said that they felt more engaged with their work due to the teamwork aspect of the challenge and their connection with their team members had made them feel more engaged at work in general:

 “During the programme I felt more passionate about my work. I was drinking more water and getting out from my desk to take a walk. I think because the company encouraged the programme so much it did raise my awareness of how to become healthier”  

“The programme definitely opened up communication more and I felt more engaged with other members of staff as well as with the company after” 

I feel more connected and engaged with the work I am doing. For my 1-hour lunch break I use this to go for a walk and when I come back, I do feel more engaged at my desk with what is going on. I feel more aware”

Participants reported that they thoroughly enjoyed the team work aspect of the programme and that the challenge helped to motivate teams to really get to know one another on a friendship basis rather than a need to know basis, which made coming to work much more enjoyable.

A friendlier office environment was also mentioned by participants who commented that this change in office atmosphere had helped to keep them motivated at work:

 “Being out walking made me think a lot clearer and take a step back from work. This helped to make my thought process clearer and I therefore had more energy at work and I think this really influenced the people around me and did alter the atmosphere in the office” 


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