Wellbeing challenges

Our wellbeing challenges platform and app enables us to provide a totally flexible and highly engaging wellbeing programme to businesses, charities and individuals.

Wellbeing challenges include: step, activity, walking, cycling, hydration, healthy eating, weight loss, resilience and many more.


We challenge you!

Did you know that running a challenge is easy?

Four simple steps – schedule your challenge, send an invite, check out the league tables and give out prizes… It’s as easy as that!

Engage people in this fun, motivational and highly engaging wellbeing programme. 

Our wellbeing challenges are unique. 

We provide live online coaching to support participants and offer a wide selection of challenges, flexible scheduling and bespoke service.

Whatever your need, we can build challenges to suite you:


  • A school wanting to run a challenge for staff, parents or local community
  • A group, charity, sports team, event organiser or association looking to fundraise
  • A workplace interested in improving staff wellbeing
  • A healthcare provider wanting to offer challenges to clients
  • An individual wanting to achieve a personal goal

We specialise in building bespoke challenges to suite a wide variety of needs.


Choice, value and behaviour change


We offer nine core challenges to choose from and dozens of configuration options. We typically engage 20-30% of a target population and through our health tracking app and online coaching achieve remarkable improvements in wellbeing.

Track anything you want using our WELL121 App


Input daily health and wellbeing habits. Options include: Hydration, Nutrition, Activity, Sleep, Indulgences, Weight, Health metrics e.g. blood pressure and Supplements. These topics can be split further into many subcategories – for example the category of “activity” can be split into sub categories such as “bike” or “run”  and many more.

Synchronise with Apple Health,wearable technology such as Fitbit and Garmin and over 100 more. Running and cycling applications such as Strava, Runkeeper and Daily Mile and many more ! Data is automatically uploaded from your wearable technology and fitness / health applications.

Live league tables and community functions

  • App leaderboad – Participants can view their challenge leaderboard on the app.
  • Live web page – Organisations can view leaderboards on a dedicated web page.
  • Community chat – Participants can share experiences

” The WELL 121 Platform enables OH, Fitness and health professionals to provide remote coaching/support to large numbers of clients. It is highly efficient and effective”