Our Wellbeing Challenges

Our wellbeing challenges platform and app enables us to provide a totally flexible and highly engaging wellbeing programme to businesses, charities and individuals. 

Wellbeing challenges include: step, activity, walking, cycling, hydration, healthy eating, weight loss, resilience and many more.

Wellbeing challenges improve wellbeing, morale and teamwork.

What We Do

Unlimited options

We can design challenges on common themes such as steps or bespoke topics to suite your needs.


We help you engage people to join in as an individual or team.


Challenge participants achieve remarkable things .Ntional Grid lost 315 Stone collectively.

Our Challenges

Wellbeing challenges bring strategies to life!

Wellbeing challenges engage employees in a low cost, web-driven approach, by creating team challenges to tackle health and wellbeing issues and engage everyone – regardless of whether they are interested in getting fitter or simply feeling better. Each wellbeing challenge lasts ass long as you wish (standard four weeks) and can be used to bring a wellbeing strategy to life or simply run a fun based event.

Participating individuals can track and compare their progress on the live leaderbboard. Schedule your challenges, send an invite, check out the league tables and give out prizes, it’s as easy as that!


Why run a challenge?

1) to engage a defined group of people in improving their wellbeing (average engagement 64%)
2) to improve a specific area of wellbeing (57% of participants felt more resilient after a resilience challenge)
3) to change behaviour (47% of all who took part achieved more than 10,000 steps every day of the activity challenge)
4) to promote services
5) to raise money for charity
6) to run a fun, competitive event and improve morale


Managing the challenge

Wellbeing4business can run the challenge on your behalf or we can licence the Well121 software platform to the organisation who run their own challenge through a team of in-house health professionals.

We can run challenges that last any length – our recommended length is 28 days. We can choose any topic as long as the app can record daily activity. 


What’s included?

  • Set up and marketing materials
  • Weekly messages
  • Leaderboard
  • Health tracking app
  • Management reports


How some clients have built their challenges

  • Heathrow business centre ran a steps challenge, did over 4 million steps  in their first week and are now running 4 x 1 week challenges based on building resilient habits
  • National Grid lost 365 stone running a weight loss challenge and raised money for charity!
  • Dudley Building Society ran 5 different challenges over 8 weeks to support a two month health promotion even

Decide on the duration

We can run challenges for as long as you wish:

  • Days – small mini challenges e.g caffeine challenge
  • Weeks – many organisations now choose to run 4 x 1 week challenges
  • Months – our most popular time period is 28 days
  • Combination – have a monthly challenge and introduce weekly challenges at same time


Link your challenge to an event

  • Wellbeing initiative  – e.g have a challenge running alongside a health fair
  • National event  – run a challenge to coincide with a national event such as Dry January or Mental health awareness week
  • Charity – promote fundraising by running a charity challenge