Wellbeing surveys

Wellbeing survey Health assessor is an online wellbeing survey designed to further engage an individual in their own health and wellbeing, accessible via computer, tablet or mobile. An individual creates a private and confidential access account which is unique to...
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Wellbeing profiles are a valuable tool when designing an organisational strategy as they provide a snapshot of the wellbeing within a set population and detail, both health risk and health intentions. They also provide valuable feedback on current services.

Our profiles take a few minutes to complete, are confidential and can be deployed across the whole organisation or targeted groups. Upon completion a detailed organisational report is produced.

Health assessor 

The health assessor is a comprehensive health risk appraisal programme that provides individuals with an online report.

Bespoke profiles

Our bespoke profiles are built to fit each organisation. We have a large question bank to draw from and will work with you to design and operate a comprehensive employee wellbeing profile.