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Well 1-2-1

Wellbeing Plan

Improve employee wellbeing with our four-step plan…

We combined our most effective wellbeing solutions to create the ultimate wellbeing plan.

The Well 1-2-1 Plan aims to understand organisational health risks & behaviours, develop a roadmap for progress & engage your workforce with technological wellbeing solutions.

Ideal for organisations looking for a digital, holistic and personalised approach to employee wellbeing.

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Employee Wellbeing Solutions

All wellbeing solutions can be deployed individually or purchased as part of a plan or bundle.

Health & Wellbeing Pulse Surveys

The data you need, when you need it​

We have de-constructed our comprehensive ‘Organisational Wellbeing Survey’ to form mini pulse surveys.

Pulse surveys can easily be added to our other wellbeing solutions.

Our pulse surveys:

  • Physical wellbeing  medical issues, waist, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, alcohol, musculoskeletal, smoking.
  • Mental wellbeing – resilience, mood, stress, coping skills.
  • Personal wellbeing – finance, relationships, caring, work life balance.
  • Behaviour goals and motivation.

Questions are based on both risk and behaviour and taken from our core validated question bank.

Optional: COVID-19 questions can be added e.g. positive life changes, main issues affecting wellbeing, workplace risk, homeworking, shielding. 

The 30:30 challenge encourages participants to complete 30 minutes + of physical activity every day for 30 consecutive days

The Mind Full challenge embeds the importance of relaxation and mindfulness practices by encouraging participants to take time out of their day for themselves.

The BOOST challenge is based on participants incorporating 4 energy-boosting habits into each day, over a 30 day period

The Step Up challenge encourages participants to achieve a daily step goal of over 10,000 steps with the leader having completed the most total steps throughout the 30-day challenge



Challenge your employees ‘Every-day’ health behaviours.

Our wellbeing is often determined by the thousands of decisions we make every day.

We encourage simple, tangible and sustainable changes to daily routine.

Choose from our list of challenges or build your own bespoke challenge.

All challenges include:

  • Launch materials
  • WELL 1-2-1 App

    • Daily content & habit tracking
    • Trends in health habits
    • Access to online coaches
    • Community chat with like-minded individuals
    • Leaderboards
    • Technical support
    • Data reports

    In the pursuit of excellence and peak performance, we need energy, resilience, physical fitness and mental toughness. The programme covers the principles of energy management. There are two programmes; employee and ledership

    Being healthy is not only about getting the right treatment immediately if you fall ill, but taking care of yourself to reduce the risk of illness occurring. This programme covers eight different lifestyle health topic.

    The Emotional Resilience programme aims to enable participants to become more resilient, overcome challenges, manage change and bounce back when we get knocked down. It’s about being mentally aware and mentally tough

    Sleep deprivation has many effects on accidents, communication, creativity, quality of life and daytime work performance. This programme is all about improving sleep.

    Performance Programmes

    Group performance coaching provides a structured online programme where employees with similar goals enhance they’re knowledge, skills and improve wellbeing. 

    Programme are delivered through live coaching webinars which are interactive, practical and thought-provoking. Each week a different module is delivered and coaches weekly group and individual challenges.

    Coaches set daily challenges that are tracked using the WELL 1-2-1 App. The app connects participants to a dedicated coach who can check on progress and forward tips, tool and advice.

    The perfect environment for you to progress and grow.

    Health Calendar

    Maintain staff engagement throughout the year with a ready-made monthly campaign toolkit.

    Create a bespoke campaign calendar or use our pre-made calendar. Content can be branded on request.

    Delivery methods

    a) We supply you with the content for you to email staff or place in newsletters or on the intranet.

    b) We supply direct to staff through the Well 1-2-1 app and add monthly trackers to engage staff in making behaviour change.

    Validated content designed to inform, signpost and provide information in a brief, easy to read way.

    Each month you will receive a communication pack including fact sheets, posters and campaign text.

    Each month you get:

    • 3 fact sheets
    • 2 posters
    • Signposting leaflet
    • Weekly email messages
    • Well 1-2-1 app for employees to track relevant health behaviours and receive monthly content

    Stay Motivated with Performance Tracking & Coaching

    Via The WELL 1-2-1 App…

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