Take a snapshot of employee wellbeing with a bespoke survey

Wellbeing surveys are a valuable tool when designing your wellbeing strategy and programme as they provide a snapshot of employee wellbeing and detail both health risks and health intentions.

A wellbeing survey is a simple tool to understand your peoples’ needs:

  • Delivered online via a ‘survey link’
  • Takes a few minutes to complete
  • Completed anonymously
  • Can be deployed across your whole organisation
  • On completion a detailed organisational report is produced.


 This comprehensive survey covers three broad areas:

  • Physical wellbeing – medical issues, waist, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, alcohol, musculoskeletal, smoking
  • Mental wellbeing – resilience, mood, stress, coping skills
  • Personal wellbeing – finance, relationships, caring, work life balance

Questions are based on both risk and behaviour.


      This option allows you to build on the standard survey and add questions specific to your organisation:

      • Demographics – department, location etc
      • Topics – safety, existing services etc
      • Open questions – thoughts, ideas, views

      Questions are designed with youour.

          Survey design and validation

          In the construction of the survey we draw questions from our question bank. We have surveyed our 3/4 million people since 2003 and gathered a large database of both validated and non-validated (but highly useful) questions. Questions are drawn from validated sources such as:

          • Blood pressure, cholesterol, heart risk, – British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK, N.I.C.EGuidelines 2004/5 (anxiety, depression), N.I.C.E guidelines 2006 (blood pressure, lipids), NHS Direct, Heart UK, British Hypertension Society
          • Lifestyle – NHS Quit smoking, Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre, ACSM, BHF active, National Obesity Forum – (Metabolic syndrome, Waist, BP, BMI, Cholesterol, Blood sugar)
          • Mental health – MIND, N.I.C.E Guidelines 2004/5 (anxiety, depression), NHS Direct, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, BACP
          • Validated questionnaires – SF36, SF8, SF12, The World Health Organization Health and Work Performance Questionnaire (HPQ). The World Health Organisation (WHO)5 Wellbeing Index, N.I.C.E guidelines 2004/5 (anxiety, depression), N.I.C.E guidelines 2006 (blood pressure, lipids), Loughborough Sleep Research Centre

          An internal panel of consultants has further validated this process and has the responsibility to maintain our question bank with the most up to date content. Our profiles take a few minutes to complete, are confidential and can be deployed across the whole organisation or targeted groups. Upon completion a detailed organisational report is produced.

          Survey Reports 

          The survey data is analysed to produce a Corporate Report. 

          Each section presents your organisations results where possible to a working population benchmark. In addition, risk areas can be presented by working location, department or job type. A detailed definition of every category is given within each section, ending with a summary suggesting proactive recommendations for each area.

          Reports can be produced in three formats:

          • A live dashboard
          • A detailed report
          • A summary presentation


          Project support

          We provide expertise to help you implement service improvements. Options include:

          • Strategy and policy design
          • Service procurement
          • Transformation project management
          • Mergers
          • Data intelligence