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Audit your Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services


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We provide independent Workplace health audits of occupational health and wellbeing services using specialists with practical experience.

Our workplace health wellbeing expertise has provide organisational audits for a wide range of clients. Our first client was EON, our largest project Hampshire County Council, our award winning client M&S, NHS contracts include Barts Health, our most challenging was collaboration project with 5 NHS Trusts, our largest audit was for Crossrail. We have transformed occupational health and wellbeing departments to improve efficiency, effectiveness and value and have written occupational health and wellbeing strategies for both public and private organisations.


 A comprehensive review of organisations effectiveness in managing mental health and provide guidance on future strategy. 

Module 1 – Strategic review

Provides background information and understanding on the current business. This will be invaluable in understanding roles, pressures and the working environment.

  • Business functions, type of and current issues
  • Vision in relation to employee wellbeing
  • Business and people demographics
  • Policy and strategies

Module 2 – Process review

Looks at how efficient and effective the processes are that are in place to manage issues such as long term absence, conflict and traumatic incidents. 

  • The referral process (self referral and management referral)
  • Conflict resolution process
  • Absence process – frequent short term and long term absence
  • Trauma / critical incidents (including suicide)

Module 3 – Intervention review

Assesses whether the current interventions fit future needs. We will look at services such as EAP, mediation, bullying, counselling, training, proactive initiatives and self help information.

  • Services, promotion and pathways of interventions
  • Contract spend, account management and value for purchased interventions
  • Integration of interventions
  • Governance

Module 4 – Data review

The data review provides insights into mental health by reviewing key metrics that prove risk, track trends and assess the impact of interventions.

  • Analyse absence data
  • Identify trends/gaps

Module 5 – Strategy presentation

We will produce a full report detailing our findings and suggested strategy and present it to key stakeholders/champions within your organisation.