Onsite Health Screening

We provide workplace health screening services (also called ‘know your numbers’ or health checks). 


Interactive Sessions Followed By Coaching

Our onsite screenings can involve a wide range of tests and are developed as per need.
We link our workplace health screening to our Well121 health tracking app to offer online coaching follow-up to participants.

A full report is provided at the end of the session. A health screening day usually involves a timetable of 10, 20 or 30-minute assessments, typically engaging 20-plus people per day.

Height, weight, BMI, body fat

Blood pressure

Cholesterol and blood glucose

Lifestyle risk factors


Health Coach Follow Up

The WELL 121 App is available to all staff to monitor their daily health habits following the screening. In addition, staff can access online health coaching support for a defined period through the web-based workplace health screening app.