Enhancing workplace wellbeing

Employers are almost unanimous in seeing a direct correlation between workplace health and performance. Mental health is seen as the top current concern with the ageing workforce an area of enormous focus in the coming years.

Wellbeing4business Ltd supports organisations in building sustainable wellbeing programmes at work that engage staff and improve business performance. We provide clear, concise advice and support that is practicable and workable for organisations. Our client portfolio spans many different industry sectors and we have a vast knowledge of the complexities facing different organisations.

Our desire is to improve performance and excellence within the workplace through driving up standards, sustainability and commercial value for occupational health and wellbeing programmes.

Wellbeing4business Ltd brought to the table a wealth of experience in the Occupational Health and Employee wellbeing field and gave us a clear independent view of where we are now enabling us to build a strategy on how we should tackle absence and promote a positive wellbeing culture. As a result, long term absence has reduced by 30% and our overall absence rate has dropped. We have seen real cost savings as a result, but more importantly it means our staffs are well to care for patients. Mandy Coalter, Director of HR & OD, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust.

Our Work

With so many options now available and more money being spent it is vital to take a step back and evaluate where you are now and where you want to be.


We provide auditing services to evaluate the strategic fit, operational efficiency and effectiveness and return on investment. 



We provide strategy and procurement support to help organisations build programmes.

Making changes

We provide service transformation, procurement support, provide data intelligence and employee engagement support.


In House Occupational Health

We audit and transform processes, branding, data reporting, communication, governance and service modernisation. 

Outsourced Occupational Health

We provide a comprehensive review of services vs SLA’s and help organisations to manage contracts better.

Mental Health

We audit current solutions and provide support to organisations in developing policies, strategies and procuring services.


Wellbeing Surveys

We provide a bespoke service to clients who wish to survey staff wellbeing. We design and deploy surveys that assess current health risk, behaviour and willingness to change focusing on topics such as mental health, physical health, personal life issues, work life issues service knowledge and perception.

Stress Risk Assessments

StressHUB business stress kit makes it easier to manage stress at work and comply with legislation. United Kingdom case law is clear on the responsibilities of employers to provide, audit and communicate proactive mental health services to their employees in a consistent manner.

Wellbeing websites

We provide a website design service specialising in developing bespoke solutions for employers and providers.We have developed sites for organisations such as M&S, Health Assured, ESB, Team Prevent and various NHS Trusts and have a vast library of validated content.

Extensive mult-sector history

Workplace Wellbeing

Energy sector (EON, ESB, Magnox, Westinghouse), NHS Trusts (Warrington, Plymouth, Kings, SLAM, Barts, HEFT, Worcester, ABMU), Retail (M&S, COOP Foods), Councils (Hampshire, Gloucester, Lancashire, East Renfrewshire) Universities (Sheffield, City), Construction (Crossrail, Murphys), 

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