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Mental Health

Audits & Strategy

We provide consultancy to organisations on managing workplace stress and building mental health strategies.

We provide:

  • Mental Health Business Review – looking at current strategies, processes and interventions 
  • Stress Risk Assessments – bespoke survey of workplace stress
  • Mental Health First Aider Governance Strategy – ensuring MHFA trained staff have clear governance standards
  • Strategy and Action Planning

Organisational Health & Wellbeing Survey

We ask your workforce some simple health & wellbeing questions.

This enables us to benchmark and track changes in health behaviour, health risks, attitudes, readiness to change and health perceptions over time.

This comprehensive Survey covers:

  • Physical wellbeing  medical issues, waist, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, alcohol, musculoskeletal, smoking.
  • Mental wellbeing – resilience, mood, stress, coping skills.
  • Personal wellbeing – finance, relationships, caring, work life balance.
  • Behaviour goals and motivation.

Questions are based on both risk and behaviour and taken from our core validated question bank.

Optional: COVID-19 questions can be added e.g. positive life changes, main issues affecting wellbeing, workplace risk, homeworking, shielding. 

Occupational Health Service Audits

We have audited Occupational Health Services for over 15 years and worked with both public and private sector clients.

Outcomes are usually:

  • Better cost management
  • Improved service delivery
  • Increased service visibility, leadership and integration
  • Clear strategic plan

All audits can be managed remotely if required. We will then formulate a report and guide you through some ideas for future interventions.

Audits review:

  • Spend and resources
  • Process and systems 
  • Case management
  • Compliance
  • Wellbeing
  • Data

We can also support on service transformation, collaborative work planning and write wellbeing strategies.

Comments from customers

Michael Fox , Manager, HR Operations, ESB Dublin

“Wellbeing4business undertook a review of our internal Occupational Health function to independently assess our capability in this area and to make recommendations on areas to focus on to enhance the quality and value of this service. The team at Wellbeing4business were very professional and efficient in their approach and dealt with our team in a very courteous and respectful manner. The recommendations for enhancement to our Occupational Health activity were very comprehensive and insightful. These recommendations coupled with their general views on how we might grow our overall health and wellbeing services were very valuable to our company.”

Gavin Wright, Human Resources at Hampshire County Council

“We engaged Wellbeing4business to undertake a fundamental review of our Occupational Health and Staff Counselling Services. He undertook this work in a highly professional and competent manner and quickly gained a strong level of confidence from those he worked with. The outcome of the review and subsequent actions have made a considerable and positive impact on the services and I have no hesitation in recommending Mark as a very experienced, competent and skilled consultant in his field.”

Website & Resources Design & Development

We have built numerous workplace wellbeing websites for organisations such as M&S, ESB, ABMU and Team Prevent have supplied content to organisations such as Wellbeing people, Warwick International and Maitland Medical.

Our bespoke challenges sites have been built for M&S, National Grid, Validium and Compass Group.

Our product development team will work with you to  meet your needs.

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15+ Years Of Practical Experience

Audit Occupational Health Services

We have audited over 100 organisations including:

  • Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust
  • ESB Ireland
  • Crossrail Project
  • Hampshire County Council
  • Sheffield University
  • 20+NHS Hospitals

Consultancy Support on Special Projects 

We have worked on some interesting projects including:

  • Designed M&S PLANAHEALTH
  • Provided The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust COVID-19 Health Check
  • Merged KCH & SLaM NHS Occupational Health Departments
  • Reduced long term sickness at Heartlands Hospital

Other work

We have provided support in a variety of ways:

  • Designed the Uk’s first Health Risk Assessment
  • Designed Westinghouse remote wellbeing programme

  • Developed Health Assured Website

  • Wrote Gloucester CC Wellbeing strategy and service transformation

  • Kindeva staff wellbeing survey

Our Achievements

Gloucester County Council

Wellbeing4business Ltd began work with GCC began with an OH and Wellbeing Audit presented in January 2009. The project saved 23% of original budget.

Kings College Hospital

Our work enabled us to reduce costs on OH by £500,000, redevelop a more visible and efficient service and introduce new concepts such as a vocational rehabilitation service and overall wellbeing strategy.  In 2011 we successfully merged the trusts OH service with the South London and Maudsley.

Hampshire County Council

Reduced triage timeline from 6 weeks to <5 days for counselling, introduction of telephone triage and counselling reduced throughput to face to face counselling by 60% reducing counselling headcount by 45%, achieved +85% manager satisfaction ratings with new referral process, reduced external counselor headcount, supervision time and adapted resources to meet demand, introduced online forms to reduce error and speed up processes , kept DNA rate <5%, reduced physician encounters from 61% to less than 30%

HEFT NHS Trust – absence savings estimated at 2 days per person (16k more days of work), reduction of £1.9m on average pay costs of staff that are off sick, reputation of HR and OH improved as absence has big impact on quality of patient care and costs.

Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre – average of days lost to sickness absence per employee reduced from 8.4% to 7.3%, occupational Health referrals for psychological problems has reduced by 83%, days lost due to absence for psychological reasons reduced by 25%, 56% of staff feels that the Trust is committed to staff health and wellbeing

GlaxoSmithKline in 2004/5 enabled us to implement a health risk appraisal programme (The WELL programme) that achieved uptake of 53% to 89% across the business including office/manufacturing business units. The programme was the catalyst for the GSK Road Map and Employee Health Management programme.

Heart of England NHS Trust in 2008/9 enabled us to develop an integrated wellbeing strategy that helped the Trust to reduce absence and engage senior leaders in Energy and Vitality. The energy management programme for the Top50 resulted in 92% improving their energy levels, 82% felt more engaged at work and 87% more engaged at home, concentration improved by 40%, 14% were happier in life and mental sharpness improved by 39%.

We have enabled our clients to enter and win numerous prestigious awards such as Personnel Today and Employee Benefits’. Out the City of York schools picked up three awards in 2003.

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