We can build you a bespoke company wellbeing website

We have access to a large resource library and have experience in building bespoke websites for organisations.


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Workplace wellbeing website design and bespoke product development


We offer a workplace wellbeing website design service to build bespoke online wellbeing solutions

  • Are you looking for a workplace wellbeing website design support to promote your services?
  • Do you want to build an online wellbeing product e.g. health risk assessment?
  • Are you interested in developing wellbeing material and campaigns?

We have built solutions for major suppliers as well as both public and private sector clients.




National Grid lose 315 stone in 4 weeks with bespoke challenge website.

The bespoke site was developed to engage employees to raise money for charity and lose weight.

Workplace wellbeing website design

ESB Ireland chose Wellbeing4business to build a bespoke wellbeing website.

The bespoke site was developed to reflect the organisations approach to wellbeing and promote core services..

M&S win BITC award using Wellbeing4Business to design and build a bespoke website.

Marks & Spencer has seen over 13,000 employees use its wellbeing website. Over 10,500 employees have now undertaken a wellbeing pledge to take steps, such as drinking more water, to improve their health. 1,088 employees joined the weight-loss challenge. 4 metric tonnes of weight were lost while increasing staff engagement. 500 staff participated in the 24-hour cycling endurance challenge, raising over £1million for charity.