Extensive mult-sector history

Workplace Wellbeing


Energy sector (EON, ESB, Magnox, Westinghouse), NHS Trusts (Warrington, Plymouth, Kings, SLAM, Barts, HEFT, Worcester, ABMU), Retail (M&S, COOP Foods), Councils (Hampshire, Gloucester, Lancashire, East Renfrewshire) Universities (Sheffield, City), Construction (Crossrail, Murphys), 


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We have been providing workplace wellbeing programmes and consultancy services for over 15 years and have designed and implement some of the largest and most successful workplace wellbeing solutions in the UK and Ireland. We specialise in wellbeing, absence, mental health, resilience, stress management and building efficient and effective occupational health services.

Wellbeing4business Ltd also supplies product development and services that engage staff and improve health. What we offer is a flexible approach and an unrivaled level of service and commitment, no matter how big or small the brief, or how big or small an organisation. We are an innovative company providing a wide range of health and wellbeing consultancy services on stress, sleep, fatigue and over 40 topics in total.

We specialise in workplace wellbeing data intelligence.


Workplace health audits

We provide independent Workplace health audits of occupational health and wellbeing services using specialists with practical experience.

Mental health strategy audits

A comprehensive review of organisations effectiveness in managing mental health and guidance on future strategy.

Wellbeing strategy design

We provide independent consultancy to support organisations in building & implementing sustainable strategies and providing data intelligence to aid programme design.


Health risk appraisals

Our health assessor is a comprehensive health risk appraisal programme that provides individuals with an online report.It reviews key health risks and lifestyle behaviours and grades them on a red, amber, green scale.

Stress risk assessments

StressHUB business stress kit makes it easier to manage stress at work and comply with legislation. United Kingdom case law is clear on the responsibilities of employers to provide, audit and communicate proactive mental health services to their employees in a consistent manner..


The Well programme

The Well Programme improves wellbeing through a combination of health screening, lifestyle consultations and coaching. It offers a very personalised, affordable and effective wellbeing service. 

WELL121 wellbeing challenges

We provide challenges on a wide range of topics to motivate people to improve a specific aspect of their wellbeing. Employers can run their own bespoke challenge or run multiple challenges at the same time.

Health screening

Our onsite health screening provides a 1-1 consultation with our health coach and includes health checks on blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, body fat, lung function, lifestyle risk and behaviour. A full report is provided at the end of the session.


Lifestyle consultations

A health coach is provided on-site, delivering a highly personalised service of one-to-one consultations. The focus is on the individual and their lifestyle.


Health calendar resources

We supply content to support employers in engaging staff on wellbeing, Simply decide on the a topic and we will supply fact sheets, podcasts, posters in a branded or unbranded format. Example topics include sleep, energy, fitness, resilience etc

Wellbeing websites

We provide a website design service specialising in developing bespoke solutions for employers and providers.We have developed sites for organisations such as M&S, Health Assured, ESB, Team Prevent and various NHS Trusts and have a vast library of validated content.