NHS Trust Occupational Health & Wellbeing Consultancy

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20 years experience working with Trusts on a wide variety of projects

Angela Huxham, Director of Workforce Development. Kings College Hospital NHS Trust

Staff absence at King’s was already well managed when Wellbeing4business highlighted just where our processes, administration, efficiency and, most importantly, our service to the Trust could be enhanced. The transformation is supported by a new ‘employee assistance programme’ and has coincided with a move to ‘fit for purpose’ accommodation. The new service was officially launched in October 2010 by Dame Carol Black. The service has improved visibility within the Trust, and the team is enthusiastic about its role in enhancing the quality of patient care.

Projects are bespoke to Trust needs. Services are outlined below:

Occupational Health and Wellbeing Audits

Wellbeing4business Ltd provides independent audits of OH&W services.


Supporting Trusts to Achieve People Plan Objectives

Wellbeing4business Ltd can help the Trust to write a bespoke strategy whilst following national objectives.

We can help you build a new strategy or adapt an existing one or help you develop programes e.g. mental health. We can be used in a supporting role or we can be project leaders. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise and offer a totally flexible and bespoke service to meet your needs


Bespoke website design

Wellbeing4business Ltd provides the design, content and management of a NHS Wellbeing Website built for the Trust