Michael Fox, Manager, HR Operations, ESB Dublin 2014

Wellbeing4business reviewed our internal Occupational Health function. This was to assess our capability in this area independently and to make recommendations on areas to focus on to enhance the quality and value of this service. The team at Wellbeing4business were very professional and efficient in their approach and dealt with our team courteously and respectfully.

The recommendations for enhancing our Occupational Health activity were comprehensive and insightful. These recommendations and their general views on how we might grow our overall health and wellbeing services were very valuable to our company.

Gavin Wright, Human Resources at Hampshire County Council

We engaged Mark in 2012 to undertake a fundamental review of our Occupational Health and Staff Counselling Services. He undertook this work professionally and competently and quickly gained confidence from those he worked with. The outcome of the review and subsequent actions have made a considerable and positive impact on the services. Due to this, I have no hesitation in recommending Mark as a very experienced, competent and skilled consultant in his field.

Linda Davies HR Attendance Health and Wellbeing Team, DVLA 2009

Can I thank you for your contribution to the OH review. Which has helped us redefine our OH requirements and to develop a strategy for taking forward the health and wellbeing agenda for staff at DVLA. Your last piece of work on Health and Wellbeing metrics will also help improve the development of our management information.

Sue Guest Head of Health Safety, E.ON UK 2007

Working with Wellbeing4business Ltd has been truly worthwhile for E.ON UK. We realised that we needed to develop a stronger foundation for employee wellbeing. Therefore, the audit and strategic consultancy helped us to develop a wellbeing strategy which enabled us to see how we could integrate our safety, health and work-life balance activities.

Gaynor Burgess, HR, Stoke On Trent College 2008

I found the audit process comprehensive. It resulted in a strategy well informed by a wide range of thoughts, insights and opinions from staff, managers and Trades Unions. As a result, the College now has a health and wellbeing strategy which will take us forward for the next four years with the key objective of demonstrably impacting business results.

Gill Tait – Associate Director of Human Resources – Organisational Development and Strategy 2013-4

Wellbeing4business was selected, from several providers, to undertake a review and audit of the Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Counselling services at The University of Sheffield in October 2012. The Terms of Reference for the review and audit demanded a comprehensive review of the services. Such as considering stakeholder views, and a report to be prepared and presented detailing the key findings and recommendations.

A comprehensive review and report were delivered on time and presented to senior staff within Human Resources. It was evident from the detail and observations in the report that Mark Holt Rogers, Managing Director of Wellbeing4 business, has a deep understanding of the requirements of a health and wellbeing service. He is very experienced in conducting reviews and audits of this kind. Therefore, his use of an experienced Occupational Health Physician and Stakeholder consultant added to the credibility and depth of the review and subsequent findings.

It is a testament to the experience and credibility of Mark Holt Rogers that he was asked to undertake further work in implementing some of the findings and recommendations of the review. This work particularly centred around identified workstreams of case management and the systems, processes and website design within Occupational Health.

Mark has a lot of experience and knowledge on what constitutes excellent and up-to-date practice in Occupational Health. He has been fundamental in advising the University regarding updating its practices, systems and processes to ensure the Occupational Health Service and the wider Wellbeing Service provides a holistic and ‘fit for purpose’ service.

Mark has also been involved in an advisory capacity in change management work related to the overall Health and Wellbeing agenda. Therefore, working closely with our Change Management team. Mark has been able to relate well to all staff he has come into contact with. He is very personable and has communicated well in this project.

Mark and his colleagues have gained the confidence of both senior staff within Human Resources and clinical and managerial colleagues. I believe that the thinking and working practices of the Occupational Health team. Along with the practical process and systems within Occupational Health, have progressed due to Mark’s influence and involvement.

I recommend Mark and Wellbeing4business for any similar work of this kind.

Angela Huxham, Director of Workforce Development. Kings College Hospital NHS Trust

Staff absence at King’s was already well managed when Wellbeing4business highlighted just where our processes, administration, efficiency and, most importantly, our service to the Trust could be enhanced. The transformation is supported by a new ’employee assistance programme’. It has coincided with a move to ‘fit for purpose’ accommodation. The new service was officially launched in October 2010 by Dame Carol Black. The service has improved visibility within the Trust. The team is enthusiastic about its role in enhancing the quality of patient care.  

Rodney Semple, Business Efficiency Manager, Business Management Directorate, Gloucestershire County Council, May 2010

• Initial Occupational Health Audit – This work was extremely helpful as it offered an independent, expert view of our occupational health. This insight would not have been available to us in-house. The report thoroughly reviewed our service and gave us a clear set of recommendations for the way ahead.

• Follow-up work implementing recommendations and transformation of the OH Department and launching wellbeing strategy – We were happy to engage Wellbeing4business to help us implement a range of new/improved OH processes. Again, your independence and expert knowledge enabled us to make quick progress in areas where we did not have the in-house expertise. Therefore we now have meaningful discussions with staff. The implementation work achieved a great deal from our perspective. Your work on administrative processes allowed us to highlight some current weaknesses. It could potentially spare capacity leading to reduced staffing.

The new processes and clinical governance arrangements helped us address efficiency issues. It also improved our assurance that we were operating within good practice guidelines. Your understanding of OH systems and processes was a great help in improving the quality of management information and data recording. Your expertise in OH helped us with the appointment of a lead occupational health nurse (a post we had struggled to fill previously). It also helped with the appointment of an EAP provider.

Finally, I would also like to recognise your work to improve our website content. This will significantly reduce unnecessary contact with the OHU. Overall, the engagement was completed on time and budget, and we were satisfied that the agreed objectives were met. This was delivered under challenging conditions. Therefore, as significant staff shortages in key areas hampering the work.

• Overall impressions – We found Wellbeing4business very easy to work with. You offered us a combination of medical expertise and OH business understanding, allowing us to improve our service significantly. We would be happy to work with you again.

Mandy Coalter, Director of HR & OD, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust 2008

It was important for us to understand sickness absence in our organisation better and move our approach from managing illness to proactively promoting the health of our workforce. Sickness absence significantly impacts patient care and productivity and is a real priority for the Board. The audit done by Wellbeing4business is enabling us to focus our actions and ensure we are using our resources appropriately. Wellbeing4business brought a wealth of experience in the Occupational Health and Employee wellbeing field and gave us a clear independent view of where we are.

Sickness absence significantly impacts patient care and productivity and is a real priority for the Board. Wellbeing4business enabled us to assess how to tackle absence and promote a positive wellbeing culture. As a result, long-term absence has reduced by 30%. Our overall absence rate has dropped. We have seen real cost savings as a result, but more importantly, it means our staffs are well to care for patients.

Bev Edgar, Director of Workforce NOC NHS Trust 2009

I have known Mark Holt-Rogers for five years and have worked with him for the last year to develop the Health and Wellbeing Strategy for the Nuffield Orthopedic Centre NHS Trust. Mark is always keen to explore the most efficient way to deliver all types of employee services and is a specialist in identifying best practices in Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programmes. His many contacts enable him to navigate provider services cost-effectively. This often results in considerable employer savings. Mark and his team will be an asset to any organisation, recognising that their proactive approach to staff health requires new working methods.

The Wellbeing4business approach is not solely based on saving money. Still, it fosters an open and transparent culture. This ensures staff are more forthcoming in communicating any long-term health problems without hiding their reasons for missing work. This holistic approach ensures employees’ physical, psychological and social health is understood and shared with managers and the HR team.

I would strongly recommend the Resilience and Corporate Athlete programmes. It is great for delivering sustainable changes to managing health and wellbeing. As it also is challenging to managers around their health issues. The strategy Mark has enabled the NOC to develop demonstrates our commitment to promoting the health and wellbeing of our employees to enhance the quality of service delivered to patients.