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Audit process

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Collaborating with your people services and key stakeholders, we work through each of the following aspects to complete a comprehensive review of your OH & wellbeing services and absence management processes

Aim: To obtain a full understanding of the current OH and Wellbeing service contracts, resourcing and leadership; as well as understand the future vision of key stakeholders

Information gathering: We will interview key stakeholders (Occupational Health Manager, Senior team, HR, Health & Safety, Wellbeing champions, Facilities).

Our consultants will meet key stakeholders (Counsellors /Psychologists, OH practitioners and other health professionals where appropriate (e.g. physiotherapists).

Interviews/information gathering will focus on:

  • What is the central model and does it reflect the service and have clear SLAs?
  • Is there a wellbeing strategy or related strategies on mental health or musculoskeletal issues?
  • Are the stakeholders and leadership team on board and have the same shared strategic vision?
  • What is the service investment? Does it reflect the need?
  • Are the staffing levels and resources fit to meet business leads?

Aim: To obtain a full understanding of the services IT resources, data and data protection.

Information gathering: We will interview key IT stakeholders and users.

Interviews/information gathering will focus on:

  • What IT systems are in place to manage clinical data?
  • What are the reporting parameters?
  • Is there any auditing of data inputs?
  • Are staff proficient users and aware of data legislation?
  • Is data managed in a safe and secure way?

Note: We may hold discussions with third parties if applicable.

Aim: To obtain a full understanding of how clinical services are delivered; looking at value, effectiveness and efficiency.

Information gathering: We will interview key clinical stakeholders and users and process map each aspect.

Interviews/information gathering will focus on the following for each clinical transaction e.g. referral:

  • Utilisation
  • Process and clinic management
  • Staffing – use of resources – administration/clinical
  • Supervision/training
  • Data input
  • Reports
  • Customer feedback
  • Service Integration
  • Governance
  • Policy and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Preparedness for special events (Covid)

We will look at timelines, Service Level Agreements (SLA) and effective management of staffing resources.

Aim: To obtain a full understanding of how services are branded and communicated to maximize uptake and engagement.

Information gathering: We will interview key clinical stakeholders from communications, staff, manager.

Interviews/information gathering will focus on the following:

  • Are there any brand and brand guidelines?
  • Is the brand visible?
  • How are services communicated?

Aim: To survey the wellbeing of the workforce and obtain a snapshot of health risks and health intentions.

Survey design: Our surveys take a few minutes to complete, are confidential and can be deployed across the whole organisation or targeted groups.

Surveys do not provide an individual report, are anonymous and use validated questions where applicable.

Surveys will cover:

  • Physical wellbeing – weight, waist, blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, alcohol, musculoskeletal and smoking.
  • Mental wellbeing – resilience, mood, stress, coping skills.
  • Personal wellbeing – finance, relationships, caring, work-life balance.
  • Engagement – perceptions of current initiatives.

Aim:  To understand the way the organisation manages attendance/stress/msk cases.

Information gathering: Our consultants will gather evidence by meeting HR, OH and line managers

Interviews/information gathering will focus on:

  • What are the processes for absence management? How effective are they?
  • Is there an attendance Policy?
  • What are the referral triggers, pathways, and timescales?
  • How compliant are managers and OH with triggers?
  • What are the main issues/benefits of the current system?
  • Use of resources?
  • How are complex Long Term Sick cases managed?
  • How do OH and HR work with managers?
  • How does return to work occur? Are managers confident and compliant with policy and processes?


Michael Fox - Manager, HR Operations, ESB Dublin

Wellbeing4business undertook a review of our internal Occupational Health function to independently assess our capability in this area and to make recommendations on areas to focus on to enhance the quality and value of this service.

The team at Wellbeing4business were very professional and efficient in their approach and dealt with our team in a very courteous and respectful manner.

The recommendations for enhancement to our Occupational Health activity were very comprehensive and insightful. These recommendations coupled with their general views on how we might grow our overall health and wellbeing services were very valuable to our company.

Gill Tait - Associate Director of Human Resources, Sheffield University

Wellbeing4business was selected, from a number of providers, to undertake a review and audit of the Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Counselling services at The University of Sheffield.

The Terms of Reference for the review and audit demanded a comprehensive review of the services be undertaken, taking into account stakeholder views, and a report to be prepared and presented detailing the key findings and recommendations

Angela Huxham, Director of Workforce Development. Kings College Hospital NHS Trust

Staff absence at King’s was already well managed when Wellbeing4business highlighted just where our processes, administration, efficiency and most importantly, our service to the Trust could be enhanced. The transformation is supported by a new ‘employee assistance programme’. It has coincided with a move to ‘fit for purpose’ accommodation. The new service was officially launched by Dame Carol Black. The service has improved visibility within the Trust, and the team is enthusiastic about their role in enhancing the quality of patient care.

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