Developing workplace wellbeing solutions

We have a history of developing workplace wellbeing solutions such as online programmes, health risk appraisals and resilience programmes

  • Wellbeing website development and interactive products. A few achievements in product development include
  • Built the WELL programme – UK’s first HRA – distributed to organisations such as GSK, Bechtel , Citigroup, Bombardier, Magnox, KPMG, Colleges, councils etc Estimated over 300000 completions in 3 years, average utilisation 72%, lowest 49% (police force). Not just a HRA Abut behavioural programme driving population health management. Paper and online completion

  • Build HRA’s for service providers

  • Built the corporate website in 2010 for Marks and Spencer’s attracting over 15000 users in first 8 months using basic HRA and health pledges

  • We built Fitness/lifestyle assessment software that is used by over 1500 Occupational Health Departments and leading fitness centre’

  • We developed an online Health club for Bowflex, the world’s leading supplier of fitness equipment
  • We developed a Sleep Assessment product with Loughborough University for workplace risk and performance enhancement

  • We developed an e-learning management training programme on attendance and stress

  • We have recently built a corporate challenge site for National Grid which produced a group weight loss of 313 stone

  • We designed and launched and achieved over 10% uptake in two days.