The COVID-19 crisis has created a tsunami of factors that can negatively affect levels of wellbeing.

New ways of working, social isolation, financial stress, job uncertainty and family crises instigate fear that can undermine confidence and hope, resulting in declining emotional and physical wellbeing. Therefore, company success depends on the productivity, creativity and dependability of the workforce. Uncertainty and fear can undermine the strategic direction of even the largest company.

Therefore, human performance and personal wellbeing may be one of the business’s most important challenges of the 21st Century.

Many organisations realise this but need help knowing where to begin. With only 40% of businesses having a staff wellbeing strategy, there is a huge gap between “knowing it’s good to do” and “actually doing it”. However, there is a plethora of free information, articles, and templates to shortcut the development of a coherent strategy. However, one size does not fit all.

Tips For Employers:

  1. Assess your needs – What are the major issues facing your employees? What are the workstyle risks and lifestyle risks? What do you have to provide to meet legal compliance?
  2. Decide what route you will take – Are you interested in ticking boxes or want to build a programme that wins awards or somewhere in between?
  3. Look at things differently – Don’t just restart existing programs. Evaluate if these can be delivered more effectively – use technology where possible.
  4. Create programmes that impact performance – if 70% of your workforce is sleep deprived, then do something to reduce this, as we know how fatigue affects safety and performance.

Seek Professional Support

Wellbeing4business Ltd offers strategic support to organisations to design, audit and manage employee wellbeing programmes. Call us if:

  • You want to chat through what you’re doing to check if you’re on the right track
  • Do you want to audit existing services
  • Do you want to design or re-design programmes
  • You want to risk assess aspects such as stress
  • You want to write strategies
  • You want to improve the way you manage wellbeing data

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