1. Wellbeing4business Ltd began work with GCC with an OH and Wellbeing Audit in January 2009. The project saved £86,953, or 23% of the original budget. However, further savings were also made by reducing demand for counselling and reduced Dr days. The council also began to charge for services better to external clients by developing a pricing model. Therefore, the project saved money and introduced a vast transformation in over 12 weeks. All work was delivered to schedule. Due to this, we developed a suite of communication materials to launch the programme.

2. Our work with Kings College Hospital enabled us to reduce costs on OH by £500,000, redevelop a more visible and efficient service and introduce new concepts such as a vocational rehabilitation service and overall wellbeing strategy. Therefore, we recruited a physio and fitness coach to provide a fast-track musculoskeletal programme. We have launched numerous organisational challenges. Due to this, in 2011 we successfully merged the trusts OH service with the South London and Maudsley.

3. We provide audits and consultancy to Crossrail to manage the health of construction workers.

4. We built the NHS Buckinghamshire wellbeing strategy and carried out numerous focus groups and training to help manage staff through difficult organisational change.

5. We wrote the wellbeing strategy for the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and trained teams of champions to work in the promotion of the strategy and management of mental health support.

6. We restructured ELHT NHS Trust and launched their wellbeing strategy with the board’s approval.