Wellbeing Strategy Design

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Strategy Design

We can help you build a new strategy, adapt an existing one or help you develop wellbeing programmes. We can be used in a supporting role, or we can be project leaders and offer a bespoke service to meet your needs.

Using information gathered in a discovery or following an Occupational Health Audit  we can develop a data-driven wellbeing strategy or wellbeing programme.

We develop all our strategies based on our core principles:

  • Purpose – Everything must have a purpose.
  • Progression: Progress must be measurable and tangible.
  • Value – Everything must add value.
  • Efficiency – Nobody wants to wait for good service.
  • Simplicity – The best concepts are the ones that are the easiest to understand.
  • Impact – Everything must have a human and business impact.

Discovery phase

Prior to developing any strategy we need to assess the current wellbeing offer and its effect on staff wellbeing and business as usual.

Using a combination of surveys, focus groups and key stakeholder interviews to give us a picture of health & wellbeing in your organisation.

In summary we are assessing the effects of work on health and the effect of work on health in your organisation.

We know that change can cause disruption in your organisation, and we aim to minimise disruption to business as usual during this discovery phase

Implementation phase

Should you need some support in implementing your strategy we can provide a project manager and wellbeing specialist.

We can:

  • Oversee the project progression
  • Establish workstreams
  • Collaborate with involved parties
  • Host meetings/focus groups
  • Provide reports to key stakeholders

We pride ourselves on being there to support your HR or wellbeing team every step of the way.

Projects we are proud of

We have collected a few our our favourite pieces of work.

    Occupational Health SLA’s

    Occupational Health SLA’s

    Service-level agreements can clarify the deliverables expected in a contract and ensure the smooth running of the contract. Service level agreements (SLAs) have long been part of the occupational health landscape. However, with standards for providers becoming more...