We have reviewed many organisations data and find that:

  • 90% of absence is caused by 10-20% of people
  • The majority of budgets are spent on Insurances (PMI etc), occupational health referrals, employee assistance/counselling and physiotherapy etc
  • Wellbeing is so “woolly” and poorly defined that it receives a token gesture.

To change the approach takes creativity, knowledge and strategic thinking…. it also needs backing from key stakeholders. With wellbeing becoming more popular people are obviously trying to change their approach.

Our advice is to get the strategy and backing before you spend money and time. ESB Ireland spent months following our audit ensuring every key stakeholder was supportive and had input to future strategies… well worth the time and effort..

Take a look at your demographics – if your population is over 45 male, shift workers,manual labour … don’t provide the basic advice .. tailor it to their issues…. sleep on shift, eating on shift, keeping fit for work…. working outdoors in summer etc

Engage people through effective channels – posters in the loos are good but not the be all and end all. Design a comms plan to surround your strategy … inform ad obtain feedback..

Measure… gather data on utilisation and outcomes .. is your effort worthwhile