Health Coach

Being a health coach or personal trainer means you dedicate much time to helping individuals live healthy lifestyles.

Although this is a really rewarding job, it has its limitations. The main issue faced is that it is hard to make money unless you charge clients a premium price.

As a personal trainer or health coach, you offer a service to clients.

YOU are the product.

This becomes a problem as your earnings are capped by the physical amount of work you can do each week. There are only so many hours in a week that you can physically work.

You cannot be multiplied; therefore, you cannot increase your workload.

The Solution

Work smarter, not harder.

Working at 100% capacity means you cannot create time for new clients.

The Well 1-2-1 coaching method can be multiplied as it is a product that can be duplicated.

The Well 1-2-1 coaching method maximises productivity and allows you to take on more clients and deliver a high level of service.