• Built the WELL programme – UK’s first Health Risk Assessment . We distributed to organisations such as GSK, Bechtel, Citigroup, Bombardier, Magnox, KPMG, Colleges, councils etc. Due to this, it is estimated over 300,000 completions in 3 years, average utilisation 72%, lowest 49% (police force). Not just an HRA but a behavioural programme driving population health management. Paper and online completion.
  • Build HRA for the PPC Worldwide Employee Assistance programme and one for Warwick international computing.
  • Built the planahealth corporate website in 2010 for Marks and Spencer’s. Due to this it attracted over 15000 users in the first eight months using basic HRA and health pledges.
  • We built Fitness/lifestyle assessment software used by over 1500 Occupational Health Departments and leading fitness centres.
  • We developed an online Health club for Bowflex, the world’s leading fitness equipment supplier.
  • We developed a Sleep Assessment product with Loughborough University for workplace risk and performance enhancement.
  • We developed an e-learning management training programme on attendance and stress.
  • We have over 20 years of experience in providing services that promote the importance of good health and implementing evidence-based programmes that are relevant, engaging and achieve the desired business effect.

What Do We Believe Drives Programme Success?

  • Our work with GlaxoSmithKline in 2004/5 enabled us to implement a health risk appraisal programme (The WELL programme) that achieved an uptake of 53% to 89% across the business, including office/manufacturing business units. The programme catalysed the GSK Road Map and Employee Health Management programme.

Lessons Learnt

  1. Build a programme and tools that reflect the business culture and “speak”
  2. Site champions to drive per business unit – must be trained to achieve buy-in
  3. Standardised business communication is essential in a roll-out
  4. UK model is different the GSK US
  5. Key metrics drive interventions onsite – based on willingness to change and risk
  6. Management buy-in and engagement essential

Our work with M&S in 2010/11 enabled us to develop an integrated wellbeing programme that engaged ownership on key health risks and helped people to develop rituals that improve engagement (home and work) and performance. With over 11000 pledges over 6 months from a 64000 population, the M&S plan Ahealth website has been a huge success. Jenny Wallage, Head of Employee Support, Marks and Spencer, June 2010 Mark Holt-Rogers and Les Smith have been an integral and influential part of our Business plan to successfully launch a Corporate Wellbeing offer at Marks and Spencer. Mark has offered experience, insight, focus and innovation in a broad range of areas, both IT technical issues and wellbeing content.

These skills have enabled us to successfully launch our website with our 65,000 employees in May 2010. This bespoke employee offer has been highly successful within our business. I have found Mark to be supportive and excellent value for money. He is prepared to share his contacts and experience for the benefit of the Company he is working for. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any business considering using the services Mark and his team specialise in providing.