Wellbeing4business Ltd is providing ongoing consultancy support to the Walton Centre. We are very proud of the progress so far, and Matt was present at the opening of a new hub.

The Wellbeing Hub

A new Staff Wellbeing Hub has been opened at The Walton Centre. It offers a comfortable and relaxing space for staff to get away from their workspace, access resources, or simply take some time. Officially opened by Saffron Cordery, Deputy Chief Executive of NHS Providers, it is a newly refurbished space for staff to access physical, financial, workplace, social and mental wellbeing information.

Saffron said making such space available for staff wellbeing was vital. “For anyone working in the NHS, things like compassion fatigue can come to the fore. What feels very important here is that the commitment to staff wellbeing came from before COVID, like a thread that runs through The Walton Centre’s commitment to their staff. It’s a lovely space, and I hope everyone will find it of great benefit.”

Following the launch of our official health and wellbeing programme, ‘Walton Wellbeing’, in June 2022, we wanted to introduce a safe, comfortable space for staff. The Staff Wellbeing Hub will be a central point to access practical information and upcoming health and wellbeing events. It will be available for Health MOTs and workshops, Menopause Cafés and much more.

The hub also recognises the support the late Jean Blevin, Chair of StaffSide at The Walton Centre, gave to staff health and wellbeing at the Trust.

Chief Executive Jan Ross said: “Prioritising the health and wellbeing of our workforce is a key priority at The Walton Centre. We want to ensure our staff have access to the right services and resources to support them through life’s more difficult or unexpected challenges, particularly in the current cost-of-living crisis and as we navigate the post-COVID world. We hope the new hub builds upon our health and wellbeing programme and hope staff take the opportunity to enjoy the space.”

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