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WELL 1-2-1 Workplace Wellbeing Services




Our digital solutions are delivered through the WELL 1-2-1 App which is free to download from App Store or Google play. Employees can opt into programmes by opting to connect to a coach.

The app can connect to: wearable technology such as Fitbit and Garmin and many more Running and cycling apps such as Apple health, Strava, Runkkeeper and Daily Mile. This allows the user to see everything in one place. The app can also manually track 6 different topics including hydration, nutrition, activity, sleep, indulgences and weight.

Coaches are able to view an individuals data and provide behavioural support and motivate individually or as a group. The community function allows people to post messages in an internal groups and  connect with other users worldwide.

We believe mobile health technology can help you change the world of workplace wellbeing. Our coaching programmes and population health initiatives offer a more personalised AND more cost effective method of engaging employees.

Wellbeing is our passion. We want to help people to live healthy lives and that by combining technology with the human touch we can help people to get fitter, lose weight, eat healthily, sleep better, reduce stress, improve resilience and reduce fatigue.


WELL121 coaching

WELL 1-2-1 health tracking and coaching system enables both personal and group coaching. Software can also be licenced to health professionals.

WELL 1-2-1 Wellbeing challenges

We provide challenges on a wide range of topics to motivate people to improve a specific aspect of their wellbeing. Employers can run their own bespoke challenge or run multiple challenges at the same time.


WELL 1-2-1 Health screening follow up

We provide software to modernise lifestyle assessments by providing health tracking post assessment.

WELL 1-2-1 Personal challenges

Employees are invited to make personal pledges over a 28 day period and are supported by coaches to achieve their goals.

WELL 1-2-1 Health professional licences

Health professionals can utilise the WELL 1-2-1 App and coaching platform and offer online coaching to clients/patients.


Health resources

We supply content to support employers in engaging staff on wellbeing, Simply decide on the a topic and we will supply fact sheets, podcasts, posters in a branded or unbranded format. Example topics include sleep, energy, fitness, resilience etc

Wellbeing websites

We provide a website design service specialising in developing bespoke solutions for employers and providers.We have developed sites for organisations such as M&S, Health Assured, ESB, Team Prevent and various NHS Trusts and have a vast library of validated content.

Wellbeing challenges increase activity levels

Wellbeing challenges increase activity levels in staff 217 data review. * 24% average participation rate * 88% of those who start, complete the 4 week challenge * 76% meet the minimum of 30 minutes every day of the challenge * participants are 3.2 times more likely...

Integrate a seamless digital coaching strategy into your wellbeing programmes for high touch, personalised health engagement that’s highly scalable

Our digital health coaching solution provides personalisation not just content, structured support, has no geographical barriers and is inexpensive and scalable. Personal coaching 1-2-1 coaching is delivered through the WELL 1-2-1 App which is free to download from...

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Homes & Communities Agency Challenge Success

As part of the agency’s On Solid Ground mental health and wellbeing awareness work, our very first Wellbeing Team Challenge saw a total of 40 teams and 190 staff taking part in the 4 week competition, which aimed to get staff more physically active and improve their...


Absence or wellbeing? Do you focus on the absence or wellbeing of staff -  the 10% absent or 90% well? Employee health budgets are primarily spent on "fixing" the problem and focus usually on supporting those whose health is influencing their performance. We have...

National Grid lose 313 stone

National Grid ran the weight loss challenge and lost an amazing 313 stone over the 4 weeks. We developed a bespoke landing page. Well...