Wellbeing challenges

One of our most popular wellbeing programmes is our wellbeing challenges.The Wellbeing challenges web portal and health tracking app allows your organisation to run individual or team based wellbeing challenges with ease. The challenges can be used to motivate employees across all locations, regions or on a national or international scale. The portal allows your organisation to choose from our standard challenges, annual plan or you can “Go bespoke” and build your own. League tables show your organisation’s overall progress, top teams and top individuals.


See www.wellbeingchallenges.com

WELL 1-2-1 health tracking + coaching service

We can support your people in achieving their goals during, or following a specific wellbeing programme. Longer term service contracts provide a permanent and dedicated health coaching service for your people.

Key features

  • Private & confidential
  • Healh Tracking App download that connects to health coach
  • Individuals have unlimited usage
  • 48 hour response time, 365 days per year


See www.well121.com

Smoothie bike challenges

Smoothie bike challenges are a unique, interactive mixture of real life bike riding combined with a ‘virtual race’ set up! Individuals race on specially adapted smoothie bikes against the clock or each other to complete a simulated Smoothie Bike Mile. The faster you pedal the quicker you complete the mile and of course the more delicious the smoothie at the end of the race!

Big Screen Engagement

The Smoothie Bike Challenge is a fantastic way to engage large crowds at events, health fairs and awareness days. The virtual race is projected on a big screen behind the competitors to involve everyone in the race, with music and sound effects accompanying the riders on their journey. The winner is displayed for all to see at the end of the race When the challenge is used in a programme of events, the league of riders is displayed showing the leader group. Riders can challenge the best score throughout the day and try to get to the top of the leaderboard.

What sort of events suite a Smoothie Bike

  • Wellbeing challenges
  • Health Fairs
  • Engagement Days
  • Group Fun
  • Create a Stir
  • Encourage Exercise and Healthy Eating


  • Choose to race as an individual or as a pair
  • Enter your name and have your picture taken to appear on the screen during the race and virtual podium
  • Load the blender with fruit
  • Gather some crowds for encouragement

Interactive health kiosk

The Interactive Health Kiosk provides a unique opportunity for individuals to take a quick, private and confidential snaphot of their physical and mental health.  Individuals can self test key indicators of their general health: Weight, Body Mass Index, Body Fat Content, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Hydration and Life Balance. A health check is performed in around five minutes, with an anonymous print out of the results showing how they compare with accepted medical standards. It’s quick, easy and invaluable as an early warning system for potential problems such as high blood pressure.


The kiosk provides a unique opportunity for individuals to take a quick, private and confidential snapshot of their physical and mental health The physical health check is performed via a series of individual tests followed by ‘Boomerang Life Balance’, a multiple choice, touch screen questionnaire evaluating 10 lifestyle categories.

Registered Users

Users have the facility to register with a unique username, track their results over time and print off trends plotted as graphs. This both empowers and motivates an individual to keep track of their health and has proven to be particularly useful for those losing weight or monitoring blood pressure.  Registered users are automatically enrolled on ‘Wellbeing Tracker’ which is an online portal designed to further engage the user in their own health and wellbeing.  Wellbeing Tracker is accessible via a computer, tablet or mobile. 

Creative Support

To gain the maximum value from a health checking event, we provide a full range of creative support from posters to email invitations. A member of the Wellbeing People team can also attend throughout the event to help users, organise appointments, provide supporting literature and engage with the kiosk users.


Kiosk Rental

  • Health Fairs
  • One Day Events
  • Short Term Rental
  • Long Term Rental
  • Wellbeing Programmes