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The NHS is a complex machine, we have over 20 years experience working with over 35 NHS Trusts to review OH, wellbeing and absence.

We can integrate all of your people services, audit your existing service provision and design programmes that increase the adoption of healthy behaviours.

Our NHS Service Packages

Integrate Package

We combine all of our solutions below to create the ultimate health & wellbeing offer for your workforce.

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Audit Package

Audit Occupational health, review your attendance/absence management processes and your wellbeing & EAP provision

Create a detailed picture of efficiency, effect and areas for improvement.

Engagement Package

We combine our Annual health check programme with, our wellbeing programme design service to create a hollistic, data driven programme.

NHS Individual Services

Occupational Health Audit

Assess the value, efficiency and effectiveness of current Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services.

Health & Wellbeing Metrics

Identify and quantify trends in workforce health risks by mapping OH, ESR, wellbeing, staff survey and any other relevant health & wellbeing data.

Health & wellbeing Surveys

Asses current health risks, for physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing using validated questions.

Wellbeing Strategy Design

Create a data-driven, proactive wellbeing strategy that never stops learning…

Wellbeing Provision Review & Re-deisgn

Review your current wellbeing provision, understand it’s strengths & weaknesses and develop a service that is fit to your organisations needs.

Annual Health Check Programme

Provide staff with the opportunity to check key health metrics with a qualified health coach.

Our Work Over the Past 20 Years

Trusted by over 26 NHS organisations, large corporate organisations SME’s and schools

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Consultancy Achievements

Programme Design Achievements

NHS Project Management – NOC NHS Trust

NOC NHS Trust At the time of development, there was little or no focus on employee health and wellbeing in the NOC NHS Trust. During development, NOC NHS Trust didn’t focus on employee health. Funding for assistance programs, health services, and absence management...

NHS Project Management – Kings College Hospital

In September 2009, Wellbeing4business Ltd. submitted an Audit report during July for the NHS, outlining our current spending vs benchmark spend for the industry and comparing it to other Trusts. This report summarised that we were, on the whole, spending far more than...

NHS Project Management – HEFT NHS Trust

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest in England. It includes Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Solihull Hospital, Good Hope Hospital and Birmingham Chest Clinic. The Trust is one of the highest performing in the UK, voted Acute Trust of the Year...

Project Management – Heathrow Business Support Centre

Engagement Research Employee wellbeing and engagement go hand-in-hand, meaning engaged employees tend to have a higher level of wellbeing. In turn, healthy employees are more likely to feel a sense of engagement in the workplace, and therefore employers should do...

Occupational Health SLA’s

Service-level agreements can clarify the deliverables expected in a contract and ensure the smooth running of the contract. Service level agreements (SLAs) have long been part of the occupational health landscape. However, with standards for providers becoming more...

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