About Us

Established in 2003 by Mark Holt-Rogers, we are Lancashire based, family-run workplace wellbeing specialists with an extensive and demonstrative history of working with large corporates (public & private) NHS Trusts and SME’s across the UK and Europe.

We strive to develop data-driven health & wellbeing solutions, strategic support and effective project consulting which proactively supports employees and their organisations.

Mark sat on the Government Strategic Group with Dame Carrol Black and members of our team currently sit on the SOM (Society of Occupational Medicine) Commercial Providers Forum.

We believe that good health is good business.

Our intentions:

  • Improve business & personal health
  • Provide best practice bespoke solutions
  • Be thought leaders & innovators

We seek to provide a service that adheres to our core principles:

  • Purpose – Everything must have a purpose.
  • Value – Everything must add value.
  • Efficiency – Nobody wants to wait for good service.
  • Simplicity – The best concepts are the ones that are the easiest to understand.
  • Impact – Everything must have a human and business impact.

Our work/Success Stories

  • We have a track record spanning 15 years
  • We have experience working in most sectors
  • We provide business driven and person centred solutions
  • We have reduced absence through our consultancy
  • We have audited and transformed over 25 NHS Trusts Occupational health services reducing costs & improving services
  • We have improved personal wellbeing on an organisation, group & personal level
  • We have won awards for our clients (Employee Benefits, Personnel Today)
  • We work with you not for you
  • We care
  • Provided Business Readiness Check to NHS Trusts during pandemic
  • Supported HR professionals in association with the HPMA during lockdown by running a free 30:30 activity challenge. 315,319 minutes of activity achieved by 190 people
  • Provided bespoke wellbeing programmes to clients including the Heathrow Business Centre Westinghouse, Bishop Rawstorne Academy, MBDA, National Grid targeting a specific aspect of wellbeing. National Grid lost over 315 stone on our £4pound challenge
  • Provided on-site health screening to clients throughout the UK
  • Delivered Mental Health First Aid courses to public and private sector clients online and onsite
  • Developed the WELL121 digital coaching platform
  • Designed and delivered bespoke wellbeing challenges, group and personal coaching to over 100 clients including Unilever, Compass Group, Dudley Building Society and provided challenges for associations such as Lancashire Mind
  • We have audited and written strategies for a wide selection of clients including 26 NHS Trusts, ESB Ireland, 12 Councils, private sector clients including SAAP, Sheffield and Liverpool Universities EON
  • Our work with Foods standards agency in 2002/3 reduced absenteeism from 17.7 days to 8.4 days.
  • Our work with Heart of England NHS Trust in 2008/9 enabled us to develop an integrated wellbeing strategy that helped the Trust to reduce absence and engage senior leaders in Energy and Vitality. Sickness overall in the Trust has come down by 2%. Long term absence reduced by 37% in 12 months. Of 100 long term cases, 80 are ‘closed’ with the majority back at work.
  • We have enabled our clients to enter and win numerous prestigious awards such as Personnel Today and Employee Benefits’. Out the City of York schools picked up three awards in 2003.
  • Consultancy support to Gloucester County Council saved a total of £86,953 or 23% of original budget. Our work with Kings College Hospital enabled us to reduce costs on OH by £500,000, redevelop a more visible and efficient service and introduce new concepts such as a vocational rehabilitation service and overall wellbeing strategy. In 2011 we successfully merged the trusts OH service with the South London and Maudsley.
  • We provide audits and consultancy to Crossrail to manage the health of construction workers.
  • We built the NHS Buckinghamshire wellbeing strategy and carried out numerous focus groups and training to help manage staff through difficult organisational change
  • We wrote the wellbeing strategy for the Nuffield Orthopaedic centre and trained teams of champions to work in promotion of the strategy and management of mental health support
  • We restructured ELHT NHS Trust and launched their wellbeing strategy with the board’s approval
  • Built wellbeing websites for companies including Marks and Spencer, Health Assured and Westinghouse.
  • Built a library of videos, fact sheets and programmes. Had over 108,000 views of our videos
  • Built the UK’s first Health Risk Assessment in 2003 and subsequently built numerous tools for PPC Worldwide, Validium, Team Prevent, Wellbeing People and Warwick international computing.
  • Developed the award winning planahealth corporate website in 2010 for Marks and Spencer’s attracting over 15000 users in first 8 months
  • Developed Fitness/lifestyle assessment software that is used by over 1500 Occupational Health Departments and leading fitness centre’s
  • Developed an online Health club for Bowflex, the worlds leading supplier of fitness equipment
  • Developed a Sleep Assessment product with Loughborough University for workplace risk and performance enhancement
  • Developed an e-learning management training programme on attendance and stress

Sector Experience

Client Testimonials

Wellbeing4business was selected, from a number of providers, to undertake a review and audit of the Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Counselling services at The University of Sheffield . The Terms of Reference for the review and audit demanded a comprehensive review of the services be undertaken, taking into account stakeholder views, and a report to be prepared and presented detailing the key findings and recommendations

Gill Tait

Associate Director of Human Resources, Sheffield University

Working with Wellbeing4business Ltd has been truly worthwhile for E.ON UK. We realised that we needed to develop a stronger foundation for employee wellbeing. The audit and strategic consultancy helped us to develop a wellbeing strategy which enabled us to see how we could integrate our safety, health and work life balance activities.

Sue Guest

Head of Health Safety, E.ON UK

Wellbeing4business undertook a review of our internal Occupational Health function to independently assess our capability in this area and to make recommendations on areas to focus on to enhance the quality and value of this service. The team at Wellbeing4business were very professional and efficient in their approach and dealt with our team in a very courteous and respectful manner. The recommendations for enhancement to our Occupational Health activity were very comprehensive and insightful. These recommendations coupled with their general views on how we might grow our overall health and wellbeing services were very valuable to our company

Michael Fox

Manager, HR Operations, ESB Dublin