About Us 

Wellbeing4business Ltd has over 15 years experience in workplace health, delivering occupational health audits and designing/implementing some of the largest and most successful occupational health and wellbeing programmes in the UK and Ireland.

Our first client was EON, our largest project Hampshire County Council, our award winning client M&S, our most challenging was collaboration project with 5 NHS Trusts, our largest audit was for Crossrail.



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Occupational health SLA’s

Occupational health SLA’s

Service level agreements can help to clarify the deliverables expected in a contract and ensure smooth running of the contract. Service level agreements (SLAs) have long been part of the occupational health landscape but, with standards for providers becoming more...

Developed Crossrail Standards

We built the Crossrail OH Standards and audited OH providers and principle construction contractors vs the standards.

In House OH Cost Savings

Gloucester County Council began OH and Wellbeing Audit and Transformation. The project saved a total of £86,953 or 23% of original budget. Further savings were also made by reducing demand for counseling and reduced Dr days. The council also began to charge for services better to external clients with the development of a pricing model. The project saved money and introduced a vast amount of transformation in little over 12 weeks work. All work was delivered to schedule. 

Wellbeing Programme Design

We built the Planahealth programme for M&S and developed the award winning website and challenge programme.

Merged Services Cost Savings

Our work with Kings College Hospital enabled us to reduce costs on OH by £500,000, redevelop a more visible and efficient service and introduce new concepts such as a vocational rehabilitation service and overall wellbeing strategy. We recruited a physio and fitness coach to provide a fast track musculoskeletal programme. We have launched numerous organisational challenges. In 2011 we successfully merged the trusts OH service with the South London and Maudsley.


We reduce absence

Heart of England NHS Trust 2008/9. Sickness overall in the Trust has come down by 2%. Long term absence reduced by 37% in 12 months. Of 100 long term cases, 80 are ‘closed’ with the majority back at work.Short term sickness reduced by 14%. Savings are estimated at 2 days per person (16k more days of work) and a reduction of £1.9m on average pay costs of staff who are off sick. Total savings, taking into account reduction in cover requirements and productivity gains from the decrease, are estimated to be £3.8m. 

NHS Strategic Support

We wrote the workplace health and wellbeing strategy for the Nuffield Orthopaedic centre and trained teams of champions to work in promotion of the strategy and management of mental health support. We restructured ELHT NHS Trust occupational health department and launched their wellbeing strategy with the boards approval.