Workplace health specialists

Wellbeing4business Ltd specializes in Occupational Health and Wellbeing provides the following services throughout the UK, Europe and Middle East: 

  • Occupational health and wellbeing audits
  • Consultancy on strategy development
  • Interim management services
  • Restructuring in-house OH departments
  • Product development – wellbeing

Our experience in developing wellbeing strategies

Our business is solely dedicated to working within the OH & Wellbeing arena and therefore we have a high level of expertise in the area of Occupational Health. We do not provide any Occupational Health or other services and therefore provide a genuinely impartial view of current programmes.

Wellbeing4business Ltd has audited and supported many public and private sector clients including Liverpool University, M&S, East Lancashire NHS Trust, Lancashire County Council, Kings College Hospital, South London & Maudsley Hospital, DVLA, NHS24, Swale Borough Council, Qinetiq, Emirates Airlines, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, EON UK, Stoke on Trent College, NOC, etc.

Our mission is to help organisations to:

  • Improve performance and excellence
  • Deliver health and wellbeing services that fulfill legal obligations and critical business objectives
  • Provide appropriate services in an environment of increasing budget constraint
  • Improve employee wellbeing and improve the health of the local community
  • Effectively use and integration of resources
  • Reduce health risk, accidents and absence
  • Manage health and business economics
  • Contribute to the wider Government agenda on the healthy workforce and Dame Carol Blacks focus on improving the health and wellbeing of people of working age in Britain (Review titled “Working for a healthier tomorrow” supported by a Call for Evidence launched in October 2007 –

We have over 20 years experience in providing services that promote the importance of good health and by implementing evidence based programmes that are relevant, engaging and achieve the desired business effect.


Wellbeing4business undertook a review of our internal Occupational Health function to independently assess our capability in this area and to make recommendations on areas to focus on to enhance the quality and value of this service. The team at Wellbeing4business were very professional and efficient in their approach and dealt with our team in a very courteous and respectful manner. The recommendations for enhancement to our Occupational Health activity were very comprehensive and insightful. These recommendations coupled with their general views on how we might grow our overall health and wellbeing services were very valuable to our company

Michael Fox

Manager, HR Operations, ESB Dublin

 Wellbeing4business was selected, from a number of providers, to undertake a review and audit of the Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Counselling services at The University of Sheffield . The Terms of Reference for the review and audit demanded a comprehensive review of the services be undertaken, taking into account stakeholder views, and a report to be prepared and presented detailing the key findings and recommendations

Gill Tait

Associate Director of Human Resources - , Sheffield University

 Working with Wellbeing4business Ltd has been truly worthwhile for E.ON UK. We realised that we needed to develop a stronger foundation for employee wellbeing. The audit and strategic consultancy helped us to develop a wellbeing strategy which enabled us to see how we could integrate our safety, health and work life balance activities.

Sue Guest

Head of Health Safety, E.ON UK