Our Leadership Team

Matt Holt-Rogers

Director & Consultant

More about Matt

Matt’s journey into the world of health and wellbeing started during his time as a ski race coach, where he prepared athletes for the European race circuit. Driven by his passion for coaching, he sought further qualifications in personal training, nutrition, and coaching.

He expanded his scope further by collaborating with other occupational health and wellbeing providers as a dedicated health coach and technician.

Over the course of six years, Matt’s unwavering dedication to coaching and health led him to his current role as Director and Head of Wellbeing at Wellbeing4business Ltd.

In his present capacity, Matt is at the forefront of guiding NHS and large corporate organisations towards enhanced processes and strategies that elevate occupational health, wellbeing, and absence management.

Additionally, he plays a crucial role in providing Mental Health First Aid training to various NHS and private entities, fostering a supportive environment for mental health awareness.

Matt is actively involved in delivering and coordinating our health check programs, both in the NHS and private organisations, ensuring comprehensive wellbeing programmes are integrated seamlessly.

Matt’s expertise and commitment are the driving force behind our mission to empower organisations with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the realm of health & wellbeing.

He continues to pave the way for healthier, happier, and more productive workforces.

Mark Holt-Rogers

Founder & MD

More about Mark

Mark has had over 40 years working in health and wellbeing:

  1. Physical education teacher UK and Bahamas
  2. Tennis coach, triathlon coach and personal trainer 
  3. Master Trainer teaching Fitness Instructors
  4. Government advisor on corporate health & wellbeing
  5. Advisor to BARLA (British amateur rugby league) and FSMT (Fellowship of sports masseurs)
  6. Product development with BOWFLEX, Fitech, Businesshealth and recently M&S on the award winning planahealth programme. 

In 2003 he established Wellbeing4business Ltd. The journey began with EON as the first client, and soon his expertise gathered recognition from prominent organisations like NHS trusts and household names such as National Grid, Crossrail, and numerous councils.

Currently, Mark provides consultancy to organisations on developing OH & wellbeing strategies that pave the way for healthier and more vibrant workplaces.

Mark is also an Executive wellbeing coach and master trainer working with high performance people specialising in stress, resilience, burnout and energising excellence.


About our Workplace Health & Wellbeing Consultancy

Established in 2003, we are a trusted Lancashire-based consultancy specialising in Workplace Health & Wellbeing.

We have an extensive history of working alongside large corporates (public & private), NHS Trusts, and SMEs across the UK and Europe. We bring a wealth of experience to the table.

At our core, we are dedicated to developing practical, data-driven solutions that prioritise the wellbeing and performance of employees and their organisations.

Our team of experts is here to offer strategic support, deliver valuable project consulting, and ensure your workforce thrives.

Our team has consulted in Government Strategic Groups with Dame Carrol Black, a current SOM (Society of Occupational Medicine) Commercial Providers Forum attendee.

We firmly believe that good health is good business and that wellbeing drives personal happiness and performance.

"Employee experience should always match or exceed the experience of your customers or patients." - Matt Holt-Rogers

Our Core Principles:

Engage people to adopt healthy behaviour.

Drive health as a commercial advantage.

Create high-value, efficient and effective programmes

Energise leaders to create healthy & well workplaces

Have a business & human impact

Our Intentions

Improve business & personal health

Provide best practice bespoke solutions

Be thought leaders & innovators

Client Testimonials

Gill Tait - Associate Director of Human Resources, Sheffield University

Wellbeing4business was selected, from a number of providers, to undertake a review and audit of the Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Counselling services at The University of Sheffield .

The Terms of Reference for the review and audit demanded a comprehensive review of the services be undertaken, taking into account stakeholder views, and a report to be prepared and presented detailing the key findings and recommendations

Sue Guest - Head of Health Safety, E.ON UK

Working with Wellbeing4business Ltd has been truly worthwhile for E.ON UK.

We realised that we needed to develop a stronger foundation for employee wellbeing.

The audit and strategic consultancy helped us to develop a wellbeing strategy which enabled us to see how we could integrate our safety, health and work life balance activities.

Michael Fox - Manager, HR Operations, ESB Dublin

Wellbeing4business undertook a review of our internal Occupational Health function to independently assess our capability in this area and to make recommendations on areas to focus on to enhance the quality and value of this service.

The team at Wellbeing4business were very professional and efficient in their approach and dealt with our team in a very courteous and respectful manner.

The recommendations for enhancement to our Occupational Health activity were very comprehensive and insightful. These recommendations coupled with their general views on how we might grow our overall health and wellbeing services were very valuable to our company.

Our Work/Success Stories

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Consultancy Achievements

Product Design History

Sector Experience

Supporting the NHS for over 15 years.

We are proud to have worked with the NHS with some excellent staff wellbeing projects to work on.


We have audited over 20 Trusts Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services.


We have written wellbeing strategies, mental health strategies and specialist strategies such as fast track physio.


We have project managed service transformation and merged services from multiple Trusts.

£ Savings

We have reduced service costs as well as reducing absence related cost.


For Trusts who have a commercial plan, we have helped with proposition development.

Shared Services

We worked on a collaborative agreement with 5 Trusts simplifying and standardising processes.

Working with large corporate business.

Some of the projects we have worked on and associations we have made.

Product Development

Designed and built the M&S Planahealth website.


Designed and delivered bespoke wellbeing challenges for:

·Unilever ·National Grid ·MBDA ·Capco

Audit and Strategy

Autited services and designed group wellbeing strategies for EON, ESB and United Learning.

Delivered bespoke wellbeing plans

Created bespoke, highly engaging wellbeing plans for Westinghouse and Heathrow Business Support Centre.

Working with the Construction Industry.

Some of the projects we have worked on and associations we have made.


Designed the auditing process for Crossrail against the Crossrail standards.
Audited all Crossrail providers.
Audited all contractors.


Developed a series of Toolbox Talk videos and fact sheets on:
·Noise ·HAVS ·Silica ·Lead ·Skin


Audited services and designed group wellbeing strategy.

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