COVID-19 has brought with it a tsunami of change to organisations. Its not simply the amount of change but the speed of it.

Implementing change successfully in any organisation is not easy and can be a complex activity, involving changes to processes, culture and new ways of working. Success will also depend heavily on the readiness of the business and the receptiveness of its people to want to change to the desired state so that the required benefits can be realised. The assessment of business readiness is essential to be able to plan and successfully implement change. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten, when planning for change.

Returning people to work following lockdown is a complex process – getting it wrong endangers lives!

There is so much to consider and a plethora of guidance that one can see how overwhelming this can be for an organisation.

A simple solution

Wellbeing4business Ltd has designed a Return to Work Readiness Check. The online check involves both senior managers ad head of departments and takes about 20-30 minutes to complete per person.

This readiness check report provides a detailed assessment of an organisations readiness in managing COVID- 19 return to work. The questions are taken from a compilation of advice from several sources (Society of Medicine, HSE, CIPD) and in consultation with specialist HR consultants Roger Wilson (NHS) and Jenny Wallage (Retail).

The report highlights strengths and weaknesses on key areas to enable organisations to develop a plan of action. Although the check will be kept under review and updated, it remains an individual organisation’s responsibility to ensure any advice given is up to date and accurate as knowledge of COVID-19 is still evolving and advice may change.

Whether you are just starting to build your COVID-19 strategy or have an established programme the report will provide practical information and guidance to ensure that you are COVID-19 ready.