Wellbeing4business was selected, from a number of providers, to undertake a review and audit of the Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Counselling services at The University of Sheffield in October 2012.

The Terms of Reference for the review and audit demanded a comprehensive review of the services be undertaken, taking into account stakeholder views, and a report to be prepared and presented detailing the key findings and recommendations.

A comprehensive review and report were delivered on time and presented to senior staff within Human Resources. It was evident from the detail and observations contained within the report that Mark Holt Rogers, Managing Director of Wellbeing4 business, has a deep understanding of the requirements of a health and wellbeing service and is very experienced in conducting reviews and audits of this kind. His use of an experienced Occupational Health Physician and Stakeholder consultant, added to the credibility and depth of the review and subsequent findings.

It is testament to the experience and credibility of Mark Holt Rogers that he was asked to undertake some further work involved in the implementation of a number of the findings and recommendations of the review.

This work particularly centred on identified work streams of case management and the systems, processes and website design within Occupational Health.

Mark has a lot of experience and knowledge on what constitutes excellent and up to date practice in Occupational  Health and has been fundamental in advising the University in regard to  updating its practices, systems and processes to ensure the Occupational Health Service and the wider Wellbeing Service provides a holistic and ‘fit for purpose’ service.

Mark has also been involved in an advisory capacity in change management work related to the overall Health and Wellbeing agenda, working closely with our Change Management team.

Mark has been able to relate well to all staff he has come into contact with; he is very personable and has communicated well in this project. Both Mark and his colleagues have gained the confidence of both senior staff within Human Resources as well as clinical and managerial colleagues.

I believe that the thinking and working practices of the Occupational Health team along with the practical process and systems within Occupational Health have progressed as a result of Mark’s influence and involvement.

I can recommend Mark and Wellbeing4business for any similar work of this kind. If you wish to contact me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gill Tait

Associate Director of Human Resources – Organisational Development and Strategy

November 2013

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